Are You Communicating?

Written by Joan Bramsch

Are You Communicating?

Many Native American tribes use a unique way of communicating. No, I'm not talking about sending smoke signals. I'm referring torepparttar use of a Talking Stick. Onlyrepparttar 131405 person holdingrepparttar 131406 Talking Stick is allowed to speak. This is very useful at a tribal "board" meeting because arguing is kept to a minimum then, and each person has one job to do - Listen - unless s/he hasrepparttar 131407 Talking Stick.

On really big decisions

SETTING GOALS/Michael Angier

Written by Joan Bramsch

Setting S-M-A-R-T Goals by Michael Angier

GOAL SETTING IS A SKILL, and unfortunately, it's not something that's usually taught in school. Studies have shown that less than three percent of people actually write their goals down. And it's this SAME three percent who accomplish more than allrepparttar others put together.

If you want to get better at setting and achieving goals, here's an acronym that will help you focus and have more success reaching your objectives. Set SMART goals.

SMART stands for:

* Specific * Measurable * Action-oriented * Realistic * Timely

SPECIFIC: Achieving goals demands focus. Our mind needs specific targets to work effectively. It can't operate well with vague generalities. State exactly what you wish to accomplish.

MEASURABLE: Many people set goals they'll never know whether or not they've attained. "To be successful--to be more knowledgeable," aren't goals because there's no benchmark. Be sure to have measurable goals with a deadline.

ACTION-ORIENTED: It's much easier to measure things being done. What arerepparttar 131403 action-steps you’ll take inrepparttar 131404 process of achieving your goal?

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