Are You Building on Sand or Rock?

Written by Holly Cotter

In Matthew 7:26 ofrepparttar bible, Jesus teaches that a foolish man builds his house onrepparttar 117478 sand while a wise man builds his house on a rock. Whenrepparttar 117479 rains and winds come,repparttar 117480 house onrepparttar 117481 sand crumbles, butrepparttar 117482 house onrepparttar 117483 rock perseveres.

The same is true for your business...

When you build your business on a solid foundation, it will standrepparttar 117484 test of time.

So, what makes your foundation solid?

1. Aligning yourself with a solid company that offers unique products and a generous compensation plan.

2. Joining a team of entrepreneurs who have been successful, and who are willing to work with you and teach you exactly how to duplicate what they have done.

3. Your willingness to learn, and to apply what you are taught.

When you first start out in business, a lot of what you do will be based on FAITH:

- FAITH inrepparttar 117485 reputation ofrepparttar 117486 company &repparttar 117487 demand for its products;

- FAITH that it will be relatively easy to earn a profit viarepparttar 117488 compensation plan; and

- FAITH that your upline can truly teach you how to obtain repparttar 117489 success they have themselves attained.

Notice, I didn't say "Faith in yourself."

As nice as it would be, very few people actually start a home business believing THEY can achieve success. Because most people have been beaten down in life so many times, they still "want" success but no longer believe THEY haverepparttar 117490 ability to attain it.

Cover Your Costs from Day One!

Written by Holly Cotter

One ofrepparttar most difficult aspects of starting a new business isrepparttar 117477 cost involved. Most people start a business because they need to EARN money, and finances are often tight.

Here are some strategies you can use to cover your business costs fromrepparttar 117478 very beginning...

#1. Talk to people!

I know this seems scary, but it is a great way to cover your monthly business costs quickly.

When you rely solely on automation to contact your customers and prospects, it usually takes 60-90 days to BEGIN to see results. This is quite normal for any type of new business but, when it's YOUR business, 60-90 days can seem like a VERY long time.

By talking to a few friends and/or family members -- people who respect you and with whom you have credibility -- you may find someone who is interested in giving your product or opportunity a try.

Often, just by talking to people, you can earn back your investment -- or even make a profit --repparttar 117479 first month you're in business!

#2. Increaserepparttar 117480 tax deductions on your W-4 form!

Almost everyone who starts a home business works a full-time job. But, did you know...

As a home business owner, many items that used to be personal expenses are now business expenses. This means you can write off many of these expenses as tax deductions!

Instead of waiting tillrepparttar 117481 end ofrepparttar 117482 year to file your taxes and get a refund, you can increaserepparttar 117483 amount of take-home pay in your paycheck simply by increasingrepparttar 117484 number of deductions on your W-4 form. (As a result, less money will be taken out of your paycheck for taxes.)

IMPORTANT: Before making changes to your W-4 form or filing your tax returns, be sure to talk with an accountant.

#3. Save your change every day in a jar!

This sounds simple, but you'd be surprised atrepparttar 117485 number of people who don't take advantage of this easy strategy.

Most people spend loose change without even thinking about it...on coffee, candy bars, newspapers, etc.

Instead of paying for miscellaneous items with change, pay with paper money. Atrepparttar 117486 end of each day, put all your loose change in a jar. The average person is able to accumulate $20-$40/month in coins this way. This money can then be used to help cover your monthly business costs.

#4. Use couponsrepparttar 117487 RIGHT way!

When most people use coupons, they simply pay less atrepparttar 117488 cash register. But what happens torepparttar 117489 money they "save"? They just spend it on something else!

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