Are You Building Your Internet Presence Or Are You Just Working Programs?

Written by Lois Thompson

There is no question thatrepparttar Internet isrepparttar 108320 all time gold mine of wealth to anyone. Some of us are obtaining it and in abundance while others of us are just getting by. Why is that?

That's a question I had to answer for myself after a few years of working very long, hard hours onrepparttar 108321 Internet, vigorously pursuing any program that offered merepparttar 108322 opportunity to financial freedom.

After a few years of unrealized dreams, I decided to step back and really studyrepparttar 108323 superhighway.

One ofrepparttar 108324 questions I asked myself: was this web working against me (atrepparttar 108325 time it appeared that way), or was it that I did not understand it or it's requirements for getting me to my destination. So, I began to research.

As I studiedrepparttar 108326 various changes onrepparttar 108327 internet over a five year period I realized that, This Internet Is Changing And It's Changing Fast! From my research I also discovered that those who were making money and loads of it throughrepparttar 108328 internet, all had a few things in common.

The one that I want to talk about today, is by farrepparttar 108329 most important! It's A Must!

If you are attempting to succeed onrepparttar 108330 Internet forrepparttar 108331 long term, them you must begin to build your internet presence. Andrepparttar 108332 first step in doing so is in getting you own

Having a domain is not mandatory torepparttar 108333 gurus and exempt for those working affiliate programs or promoting any type of small start-up business endeavor. No! it is mandatory for all, if we are to steak a place on this superhighway.

Having your own name domain identifies you uniquely from any other and establishes your place onrepparttar 108334 superhighway. A Domain Name Is Of Extreme Value And Essential To Your Online Success! and not having one would be like committing web suicide for your business.

Free web sites are no longer effective. They not only do not look professional, but rank much lower with most major search engines and some search engines restrict them.

The average internet user is: intelligent, college educated, has a Visa/MasterCard, seeks instant gratification and is anxious to do business. They too want in on this gold rush. But, they are reluctant to spending their money where there is not a solid sense of established credibility.

They are your present and future success. Since they cannot physically sum up you business legitimacy and credibility, they will do so visually and intellectually through your web presence.


Written by Peggy Tibbetts

“Rumors of War ( is a web site designed simply yet it stands bold and precise in its statement. While other authors . . . have web sites that start with ‘Let me tell you about myself,’ Peggy opens withrepparttar covers of her two books--no scrolls, no ads, and almost no copy. Click on a book and she takes you there . . . Meetingrepparttar 108319 author is last. She wants you to knowrepparttar 108320 books before you knowrepparttar 108321 author . . . commendable web site . . . is bookmarked for return. I want to read Rumors already.” C. Hope Clark’s review for Word Weaving (

How did I generate such an awesome review of my web site? Simple--online research. Online marketing and promotion is time consuming. You can spend several hours just submitting your url to search engines. If you’re going to devote all that energy, you’d better make sure you have a site that’s user friendly. After all once visitors have arrived, your first goal is to keep them there.

When I decided to build a web site to promote my novel “Rumors of War,” I researched other book sites. I found three main types--author driven, book driven and fan driven. Starting with I found “Angela’s Ashes” by Frank McCourt amongrepparttar 108322 web pages at Simon & Schuster’s site. Same withrepparttar 108323 Harry Potter series, I found J.K. Rowling’s books at Scholastic’s site.

The goal of my web site is to userepparttar 108324 Internet to help build an audience for my current and future books. Since I’m relatively unknown, readers aren’t going to come searching for me. The best way to discover new authors is to read their books.

While searching I noticed that movies are always promoted by title. That got me thinking, if I’m putting my book title in front of hundreds of pairs of eyes every day, thenrepparttar 108325 title should be my domain name. I purchased

Coming up with content was easy--cover image, plot summary, reviews, sample chapter, ordering information, and a page aboutrepparttar 108326 author. I keptrepparttar 108327 style and graphics simple. It’s a web site about a book. Readers are accustomed to black print on a white page, framed with an attractive cover. The banner and side bar are colorful, butrepparttar 108328 same on every page so visitors know they’re still at my site while they’re bouncing around.

Once I publishedrepparttar 108329 site and posted announcements via email, discussion lists, and bulletin boards, feedback was immediate and positive. Everyone likedrepparttar 108330 focus onrepparttar 108331 book yet gleaned enough personal information aboutrepparttar 108332 author that they felt comfortable letting me know they liked what they saw.

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