Are You Being Mislead By Your Current Computer Dealer?

Written by Sean Dion

You've seenrepparttar ads - FREE PRINTER OR WEB CAM (withrepparttar 107835 purchase of a computer), or how about where one retailer is selling their computer for just $999 with a $500 mail-in rebate (that you may or may not ever get) if you sign up for 3-year Internet access. How aboutrepparttar 107836 dude that advertisesrepparttar 107837 $599 machine, but when you visitrepparttar 107838 website, you discover that you have to be a rocket scientist to find that same offer. Or what aboutrepparttar 107839 $499 computer - that's a great one. It doesn't have a floppy drive, nor does it come with a network card. To make matters even worse, you can't even add those features. Butrepparttar 107840 one that gets my goatrepparttar 107841 most are those darn blue guys - you knowrepparttar 107842 guys I'm talking about. Intel has spent millions of dollars trying to convince you that “you can do more” if you haverepparttar 107843 latest and greatest cazillion speed computer with one of their processors inside.

The truth ofrepparttar 107844 matter is that there are very few software programs that actually do take advantage ofrepparttar 107845 performance

What is DNS?

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Have you ever wondered what happens when you enter, or click on, a web address in your browser? How does your computer connect torepparttar 107836 Web site you requested? Part of what makes that happen isrepparttar 107837 Internet's Domain Name Service (DNS).

Similar to how every telephone has a unique number, every Web site, or "domain" onrepparttar 107838 Internet has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses are 32 bit numbers represented by four bytes separated by dots. Each byte can represent a number from 0 to 255, thereforerepparttar 107839 highest IP address

People have difficulty remembering 12 digit numbers, so web sites are are identified by names like instead of their IP address. DNS is a database of domain names and their corresponding IP addresses.

Inrepparttar 107840 beginning, every computer onrepparttar 107841 Internet had a list of allrepparttar 107842 domain names and their corresponding IP addresses. But that quickly became unwieldy. Nowrepparttar 107843 domain name database and domain name to IP address translation is performed by computers assigned as DNS servers.

Each DNS server has data only aboutrepparttar 107844 domains it is serving. When a computer makes a request to its DNS, it is possible thatrepparttar 107845 DNS server doesn't haverepparttar 107846 data required to answerrepparttar 107847 request. Special "root name" servers hold a list of DNS servers for top-level domains, like .com, .org, .edu etc. For example,repparttar 107848 top-level DNS for .com listsrepparttar 107849 DNS servers for domain names ending in ".com".

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