Are You Achieving Your Potential?

Written by Martin Avis

Sometimes I think that we have our priorities back to front. Achievement is seen asrepparttar pinnacle to aim for.

I have come to think that this is wrong.

My 12-year old daughter, Lauren, came home from school yesterday, proudly waving her grade book. She had been awarded A-1 in most subjects - a great achievement!

Then she sadly pointed out that her perfect score was marred by a B-1 in French and a C-1 in physical education.

I asked her whatrepparttar 123921 scores meant. She said thatrepparttar 123922 letter denotes achievement andrepparttar 123923 number, effort.

That was when it struck me thatrepparttar 123924 grades were misleading. Surelyrepparttar 123925 most important score is effort? Yet it is shown last.

I gave her a big hug and told her that in my book, she had a perfect score. It didn't matter that her achievement grade in French was a 'B' -repparttar 123926 '1' showed that she had tried her hardest. That is something to make any parent proud.

Everybody is different. Everybody has a different potential. Like Lauren, we are not all destined to be fluent linguists or future track stars.

The Power of Appreciation

Written by Lisa van den Berg

I was driving downrepparttar highwayrepparttar 123920 other day. I was inrepparttar 123921 slow lane, adhering torepparttar 123922 speed limit, when suddenlyrepparttar 123923 truck in front of me had to brake sharply because of a slow moving truck in front of him. I was in one of those situations where I wouldn’t have enough time to brake to avoid an accident and couldn’t overtake because of a car coming up fast inrepparttar 123924 overtake lane.

As if seeing my predicament,repparttar 123925 driver inrepparttar 123926 overtake lane quickly moved torepparttar 123927 fast lane, thus freeing uprepparttar 123928 space I needed to avoid hittingrepparttar 123929 back ofrepparttar 123930 truck. As he drove past me we looked at each other at precisely repparttar 123931 same moment and both raised our hands to say ‘Thank You’.

I was really touched by this spontaneous ‘meeting’ of our two spirits. For that split second we were in complete harmony with each other. What he had done for me (withoutrepparttar 123932 usual issues of dominance onrepparttar 123933 road) had most probably helped me avoid a serious accident.

It really brought home to me what a powerful forcerepparttar 123934 ‘power of appreciation’ is.

How differently we react when someone answers our angry comment with a kind word. What a difference it makes when someone takesrepparttar 123935 time to listen when we need to talk.

Next time someone does something for you, take a minute and express your sincere appreciation. I mean really express it.

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