Are You A Spam Zombie?

Written by Niall Roche

Overrepparttar past few years you've all become familiar withrepparttar 146574 terms spam, spam filter, whitelists, blacklists and a whole myriad of other terminology associated withrepparttar 146575 problem of spam. You now have to add a new and extremely worrying phrase to that list - spam zombie.

Withrepparttar 146576 net closing in around them spammers are looking for new and more inventive ways to send out their junk email. Spam filters and challenge response systems are becoming progressively more intelligent and blocking more spam each day. What was a spammer to do? The spammers tookrepparttar 146577 next step - infiltrating your PC and using it as a spamming tool.

When most of you think ofrepparttar 146578 word zombie you're reminded of old B movies with groaning zombies chasingrepparttar 146579 terrified actress through a castle, swamp or whatever low cost settingrepparttar 146580 movie revolved around. Spam zombies are, however, far more real and far more dangerous.

A spam zombie is when your computer is taken over by a type of virus called a Trojan. Once this Trojan virus is on your computer it sets up an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) application which allows it to begin sending email directly from your PC to tens of thousands of victims. This all happens invisibly inrepparttar 146581 background and can be difficult to detect for evenrepparttar 146582 experienced computer user.

5 ways to stop spam from reaching your mail box

Written by Joel Teo

5 ways to stop spam from reaching your mail box

By Joel Teo 2005 All Rights Reserved

UCE or unsolicited commercial email is getting worse byrepparttar day and Microsoft has announced that inrepparttar 145126 future it will be developing a system in which email sending and receiving will be like our postal mail where a digital stamp has to be bought to send it. But until then marketers online will be continuing to send emails to potential customers inrepparttar 145127 hope of converting some ofrepparttar 145128 leads that they buy into buying customers.

The internet arena of emailing is a murky one in which your email might be traded and sold in some internet networks which I have seen sell and trade in email contacts online. That isrepparttar 145129 reason why when you get one type of spam email, you tend to get more ofrepparttar 145130 same type of email as your email has been sold to a large emailing list which is in turn sold to marketers to email to.

This article will highlight some ways in which spammers can get your email address and highlight ways to deal with them.

1.Non Cloaked emails on websites

This is actually one of repparttar 145131 most easy way to get spam. I’ve talked to a system administrator inrepparttar 145132 office and she expressed surprise at not knowing about this. Most people start building a website on free webhosts and then add their email address atrepparttar 145133 bottom ofrepparttar 145134 website. While this is good for website usability which is a separate topic altogether, it allows unscrupulous people to harvest your email address with powerful online website crawling programs. What these programs do is crawl websites and then classify them and sellrepparttar 145135 extracted leads to lead vendors. So if your website is about health, they might classify your extracted email address as a health lead and sell it to other marketers to email to you.

The simple solution to this problem is to do email cloaking. This is usually a simple script which breaks up your email into two parts when a robot onrepparttar 145136 internet crawls your website. But torepparttar 145137 normal user who looks at it,repparttar 145138 browser combines it together to show a normal email address. Do a simple google search for “email cloaking script” and you should be able to do this by copyingrepparttar 145139 script into your website.

So then you prevent spam and atrepparttar 145140 same time allow people to continue to contact you.

Another simpler solution which may confound some of your website users who are not so internet savvy is just to do use /at/ instead of @. So for instance your email will read Abc/at/ rather than However as mentioned, if your target audience is older and not so good withrepparttar 145141 internet, this may be a problem and prevent them from contacting you.

2.Spam via cookies or malicious code or programs

Spyware flooding your computer is a real problem. Most people do not really realize this until they find popups suddenly appearing when they reach some pages or find that their starting page has been high jacked by some website. When you visit a website like Yahoo and log in, a cookie is deposited into your computer browser to tell Yahoo that you have logged in to their system. These cookies have short life spans and self delete when you log out ofrepparttar 145142 system.

However there are some websites that have cookies forrepparttar 145143 sole purpose of tracking all email sent into and out of your computer whenrepparttar 145144 browser is on. It then tracks your name and email address and sends it secretly to a central server where it then sells you name and email address to email lists. Thus some people report an increase in spam after visiting certain websites and this may berepparttar 145145 reason.

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