Are You A Leader in the Chrysalis?

Written by Jo Ball

Let’s get this straight atrepparttar outset…

Leadership skills can be found in their droves on an Internet search. Lists… dozen of them; and if you want to define yourself and tickrepparttar 145414 box by a pre-set, ready made standard based on what ‘experts’ in business andrepparttar 145415 church think, then go right ahead and look because I am not going to reproduce it here and encourage you to pigeon-hole yourself.

Face facts:repparttar 145416 guy inrepparttar 145417 pin-stripe suit andrepparttar 145418 one withrepparttar 145419 dog collar are notrepparttar 145420 only leaders. What’s more their ways, their definitions and their lists are notrepparttar 145421 only way to lead.

In your lifetime you’ve been exposed to all kinds of ‘leaders in their day’. Take your teachers; yes,repparttar 145422 ones who made you tuck your shirt in, do your tie up, remove your make up, ear rings and often your smile…

Take your parents – doing their best asrepparttar 145423 leaders of your home and your childhood – using what they had and what they knew to bring you up with good morals and good values so you would become an acceptable member of society who could get a good job and find a good spouse and go on to be a good reflection of them. Maybe they were kind and nurturing, maybe they were overbearing torturers and heavy-handed disciplinarians….

Then take your peers:repparttar 145424 leaders,repparttar 145425 tall kids inrepparttar 145426 playground who developed first and got allrepparttar 145427 attraction fromrepparttar 145428 opposite sex. The first couple to make out,repparttar 145429 first guy to have a car,repparttar 145430 first one to leave and get a job and reachrepparttar 145431 heady-height of leader for five minutes…

Earrings Make A Fashion Statement!

Written by Sher Matsen

Earrings are an important part of every woman’s wardrobe, whether we are headed for a day atrepparttar beach, torepparttar 145214 office, or to a wedding. Your earrings give a subtle hint about your personality. You can changerepparttar 145215 entire look and feel of your wardrobe by addingrepparttar 145216 right earrings. You can bring out your softer feminine side,repparttar 145217 sexy goddess, or present simple charm, sophistication, or elegance. For both men and women, today earrings are a definite fashion statement. Earrings have been a part of human culture since 3000 BC. In past times, earrings actually established your position in society, because only royalty and very wealthy were able to afford expensive jewelry. Fine jewelry was worn by onlyrepparttar 145218 wealthy. The rest ofrepparttar 145219 population also wore earrings to decorate their body, but they were replicas of high society jewelry. There are many styles of earrings. There are quite literally thousands of choices. There is an earring style for every personality. Fine jewelry remains popular with precious stones such as sapphire and emeralds. Semi precious stones are also very popular. But even more popular arerepparttar 145220 costume jewelry earrings. These are affordable, look great, and are great for staying trendy and in style. From dangles, to chandeliers, to droplets, to hoops, to studs. The choices and styles are never ending. If you don’t have pierced ears, no worries! These days there is a terrific selection or clip on earrings available. You can be dazzling, subtle, glamorous, sexy. You can be highly refined, professional, high classed, or fun and funky, and trendy!

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