Are You A Bill Clinton Webmaster?

Written by David Leonhardt

Are You A Bill Clinton Webmaster? Post-Florida Google Pulls Backrepparttar Fig Leaf By David Leonhardt

One ofrepparttar 131766 most frequent questions I get asked about my ebook, Don't Get Banned BY The Search Engines, is whether I amended it to include post-Florida Google. "Florida" isrepparttar 131767 code name that search engine optimizer wizards gave to a November, 2003, shakeup at Google that left many webmasters covering themselves up with makeshift fig leaves while dangling upside down aboverepparttar 131768 proverbial crocodile moat.

I am tempted to explain that, "No, I did not amend it, because nothing has really changed." But just try tellingrepparttar 131769 world that Bill Clinton did not have "sex" with Monica Lewinski. Yeah, right.

So I takerepparttar 131770 lazy way out and I just say, "Yes."

Butrepparttar 131771 guilt has been creeping up on me, grasping at my skin, gnawing away at my bones, chewing on my heart, mauling my conscience, and spitting out my toenails one by one. So this is confession time. Don't Get Banned By The Search Engine has not been amended to include post-Florida Google.

Is this because I am peddling stale goods? Am I leading people astray? Do I have a clue what's going on? "No", "I hope so", and "Maybe".

In fact, nothing really has changed at Google, and webmasters who have been following Google's guidelines can just keep doing what they have always been doing, just as Presidents who follow public decency guidelines can keep doing what they are doing (until we vote them out of office for other reasons, of course).

"But I followedrepparttar 131772 guidelines, and I still took bullets in several vital organs," I hear many webmasters say. In fact, very few webmasters have been following Google's guidelines. Most have been followingrepparttar 131773 Clinton what-can-I-get-away-with fig leaf guidelines.

Remember that Bill Clinton never had "sex" with Monica Lewinski. Technically. Honest, he did nothing wrong. He followedrepparttar 131774 rules by not having "sex" with Monica Lewinski. In fact, he was seen in public not having sex with Monica Lewinski on several occasions.

And webmasters followrepparttar 131775 rules by not linking to "link farms" or "overoptimizing". Sure, they will link to sites that have nothing to do with their site's topic, but not to a "link farm". And they will "exchange links", but surely that does not violate Google's" uniquely democratic nature ofrepparttar 131776 web" principle. As long as you are not actually caught publicly stuffingrepparttar 131777 ballot box, how could Google possibly suggest that you are doing so?

So here are my post-Florida rules:

You only link to relevant sites, because that's what you know Google and your visitors want. Keep doing that.

The Reality of Successful Web Site Today

Written by Alan Wasser

For a number of reasons,repparttar analysis of customers' feedback is too often given little attention. Still, people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals (c) David Ogilvy. It's an inexcusable omission for those, who strive for having a successful web site. There are dozens of ways to receive feedback and unlimited ideas for your customer service improvement in it. But you can't afford phone everybody from your CRM list or correspond with each customer via email or regular mail. It will flatter them but bother you. Fortunately there is such a magic tool as web-based forms, which allow site owners to automaterepparttar 131765 process and to userepparttar 131766 received data in your analysis;repparttar 131767 analysis, aimed at your web site usability optimizing.

What actually stands behind "web forms"? The obvious advantages are:

You have no limits in your custom web form creation. You can use any configuration, any number of interactivity forms: a simple, yet good marketing tool to receiverepparttar 131768 overall feedback from your customers. You can build one-page, multi-page and pop-up forms.

You provide additional contact channels to your visitors. You back up your promise of individual approach by open contacts demonstration. It's not a redundancy, it's an additional prove of your care about customers.

You make them stay at your web site. You can configure your web forms so that users will never leave your site. For instance, a user submitsrepparttar 131769 form, which is processed. You are emailedrepparttar 131770 results andrepparttar 131771 user is instantly redirected to a page of your choosing, etc.

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