Are YOU a Leader in Procrastination?

Written by Jo Ball

Putting off tasks, leaving them torepparttar last minute, arriving late, leading a chaotic life with stress, resentment and guilt, but worst of all missing out on opportunities…

Saying ‘I have to do this’ or ‘I have to do that’, being gripped byrepparttar 143212 panic of impending deadlines, beating yourself up, kicking out in resentment and rebellion for missingrepparttar 143213 goal posts for something you felt forced to do…

Making excuses, ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I lackrepparttar 143214 confidence’ or saying ‘This doesn’t work…’ and ‘that doesn’t work’ without even makingrepparttar 143215 effort to find a way…

Hanging ontorepparttar 143216 things you’ve been doing for years, while not starting anything new untilrepparttar 143217 other project is finished. Perfecting, perfecting, perfecting it’s a great trap…

This isrepparttar 143218 habitual way ofrepparttar 143219 Leader in Procrastination.

But hey, don’t beat yourself up for not doing ‘STUFF”. Ignorerepparttar 143220 jibes ofrepparttar 143221 less worldly and wise. Maybe you’ve beenrepparttar 143222 shrewd one. Maybe it is forrepparttar 143223 best that you didn’t do ‘THINGS’. Maybe ‘stuff’ and ‘things’ just haven’t been right in a while.

Deep down you know that you’ve been marking time. Deep down you knowrepparttar 143224 moment has not been right for you to seize life. Deep down you know your time to act will come; your moment when you no longer ‘HAVE TO’, but ‘WANT TO’.

And if that want hits you this week; if that want packs a punch in your gut today; if that want stirs you in an hour, a minute or now, you’ll know to act. And act you will, striking like a viper.

This isrepparttar 143225 Leader in Procrastination… biding their time.

Many others are just like you now, marking time. Many others were like you yesterday, but then decided to strike today and grasprepparttar 143226 life they have before them. They have chosen to shrug offrepparttar 143227 ‘have to’ and discoverrepparttar 143228 ‘want to’; they have chosen to dream a little, to find passion, to findrepparttar 143229 leader within them that will bring love and life in golden bursts of sunlight.

They have chosen to re-find their gifts and use them in distinctive ways that touch and change other peoples’ lives. They have shruggedrepparttar 143230 existence. They have chosen to droprepparttar 143231 clinking chains of education, religion, family values and peer pressure and be true to their souls, not what they are told their souls ‘must’ be.

Fighting The Frizz

Written by Sharon Jacobsen

My daughter hates her hair. Several of my friends hate their hair, too. Why? Because it tends to frizz!

We're not talking afro style frizz here or even anything remotely close, but when your hair's supposed to be sleek and smooth, evenrepparttar tiniest amount of frizz can be frustrating.

While I'm not going to suggest I can cure your problems, having had my share ofrepparttar 143177 frizzes I've picked up a good few tips throughrepparttar 143178 years and hopefully, by following them, you'll soon be experiencing frizz-free days, too.

DO NOT wash you hair daily Although you may feel that your hair will be dirty if you don't wash it every morning while you shower, others are very unlikely to notice. Only greasy hair will show signs of being unwashed after one day and frizzy hair is rarely greasy. Onrepparttar 143179 contrary,repparttar 143180 fact that you're stripping away your hair's natural oils isrepparttar 143181 most likely cause of your frizz problem. Leave your hair for 3-4 days between washes.

DO use conditioner Try to find a moisturising conditioner and use it after every wash. It's really worth paying a little extra for a good quality conditioner and if you can't afford both a good shampoo and a good conditioner, putrepparttar 143182 extra money intorepparttar 143183 conditioner.

DO give your hair an intensive hot oil treatment About once every third wash (if you're sticking torepparttar 143184 3-4 day washing guide), use a leave-in intensive conditioner on your hair. This will help replace any natural oils that your hair has lost due torepparttar 143185 abrasive cleaners in shampoo and your hair being exposed torepparttar 143186 elements (sun, wind etc).

DO NOT use chemicals on your hair Those who are unhappy with their hair have a tendency to colour it and use all sorts of other chemicals in a vain hope of somehow making it look better. The truth is, these chemicals are just adding to your problem. If your hair has a tendency to frizz, keep away from unnecessary chemical products.

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