Are YOU Right For A Home-Based Business?

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

The internet is loaded with all sorts of ways for you to work from home. You will consider many options, findingrepparttar right fit for your personality and goals. But first, you have to take a look at yourself. Do you have what it takes to run a successful business from home? How do you know if YOU are cut-out to be "The Boss"? Before you spend too much time and money looking for that perfect home-based business, make sure that you have these essential qualities first: 1) You're A Hard Worker Running any home based business takes a lot of time and effort. Sure, automation can have your business running mostly on it's own, but there is a lot of work involved in getting it to that point. Even after it is established, there will still be a lot of things that demand your attention daily. If you are afraid of hard work, there is no way you will enjoy working at home. It is still a full work day, you're just at home. If you are not good at working unsupervised, you'll never get anything done. You arerepparttar 117369 boss now. Be The Boss. 2) Persistence Can you follow through on tasks that you start? Do you give up easily, when things start to get rough? To succeed in any small business, you need to have a "never-say-die" attitude. You must commit to building your business to a successful level. You have to be in it forrepparttar 117370 duration. Remember, success is not a destination, it is an ongoing journey. 3) A Great Attitude Are you an upbeat person, or do you findrepparttar 117371 negative in every- thing? Maintaining a positive outlook on life will help you deal withrepparttar 117372 ups and downs of running a small business. Make it your mission to have a great attitude, always. You will be much more productive this way, and you might even discover that you are having a good time. Don't take this attitude thing lightly. You won't get what you want with a bad attitude, and your life will be stressful and unfulfilling. 4) Achieving Goals Motivates You Why do you want to run a home-based business? What do you want in life? What is it going to take to get it? Strong motivation to succeed in your chosen field comes from knowing thatrepparttar 117373 results will make all of your plans and goals in life a reality. Setting and following through on detailed goals will ultimately give you what you want. Looking atrepparttar 117374 "big picture" when dealing with day to day tasks will keep your motivation high. You will enjoy each day of work on your

Guru Interview Of The Month -- Cathy Wagner

Written by Lawrence Doro

Guru Interview Of The Month -- Cathy Wagner

[Lawrence] Cathy, could you briefly describe some of your online business operations and products/services?

[Cathy] Sure, I am a one woman operation working out of my home. My site, is designed to help anyone build an online business with straight forward information, tips and recommendations.

In addition to writing articles and providing tested recommendations, I am also available to all members (free and paid) for questions, advice and live interactive marketing discussions. I really like to talk to members and it feels great when I can help others by telling them how I overcame an obstacle that they are now facing.

My free membership is designed for beginners who really need to learnrepparttar basics of promoting their offer (whatever it is) online. It includes recommendations forrepparttar 117368 most effective free advertising sites,repparttar 117369 live discussions and support I mentioned, plus my ebook which explains what you need to start an internet business and gives a comprehensive overview ofrepparttar 117370 most common forms of free online advertising and how to getrepparttar 117371 most out of them.

My paid membership is for those who have been around for a while and are looking for new ways to get their offer to more people. I have compiled over 50 recommendations for a wide variety of free and low cost tools, tips and services that range from handy pc and web design tools to low cost, quality advertising sites and free information on advanced marketing strategies.

The low cost of membership,repparttar 117372 diversity of my recommendations, andrepparttar 117373 interactive aspects of my site are what makes it different from other marketing information sites I have seen, and believe me, I have seen a lot!

[Lawrence] What made you decide to start a business? What was your inspiration or motivation?

[Cathy] My husband is a contractor and we relied solely on his income when our two children were first born, so I could stay home to care for them. While it is good money, it is not always steady and it became quite clear that we needed another stream of income to carry us through lean times. Because it was important to us that I stay home withrepparttar 117374 kids, we built my pc piece by piece and I started with my first online business opportunity a little over 2 years ago. [Lawrence] What have been your major challenges or obstacles so far? How did you overcome them?

[Cathy] One ofrepparttar 117375 biggest challenges I have faced was my lack of experience when I started. My first business opportunity made it sound so easy, but everywhere I went for information wanted so much money or gave poor quality information.

I overcame this by doing my own research and tracking my results. I continue to do research today, I am always looking for new and better ways to promote ONE STOP.

Another challenge was being totally isolated from others in this field. Until about a year ago, I did not have contact with any colleagues. This didn't seem like a big deal atrepparttar 117376 time, but now that I interact with them regularly, I find them to be an inspiration; I have learned a lot and I have really been able to help others.

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