"Are YOU Independent?"

Written by Holly Cotter

While celebrating Independence Day last week, I suddenly became very aware of how "independent" I have become these last few years...

- Financially Independent: I no longer rely upon a J.O.B. to provide income for my family. Through my home business, God has blessed me withrepparttar ability to generate enough money to meet my family's needs and more. No more working two jobs to get by!

- Physically Independent: I no longer have to commute back and forth to work nor spend my entire day cooped up in an office. How I spend my time is my own decision. While I do choose to work hard, I also choose to play hard. What a great feeling...to haverepparttar 117564 CHOICE to spend my time doing WHAT I want WHEN I want.

- Emotionally Independent: I no longer live with fear in my life...fear of losing my job (I provide work for myself), fear of losing my income (God has shown me that if,repparttar 117565 bottom falls out of my business, I haverepparttar 117566 ability to start over and build another income very quickly), of missing out on important events (I now haverepparttar 117567 freedom to choose how I spend my time, and am always able to engage inrepparttar 117568 activities I enjoy most), etc.

Do-it-Yourself News Releases for Small Business

Written by Heather Reimer

How do you create some serious buzz about your online or offline company on zero budget? That's what Celina wanted to know. She'srepparttar owner of a website that specializes in desktop publishing and site design.

It's a small, fairly new company with no money to commission a professional media release. Still, Celina wanted to getrepparttar 117563 word out so she asked me for some tips on how to write her own release.


First, put yourself inrepparttar 117564 reporter's shoes. Try to imagine what kinds of stories would interest her and how you can make her job easier by dropping a good story right in her lap. Ask yourself:

What sets your gizmo or your company apart fromrepparttar 117565 competition?

Have you recently launched a new product or service?

Personnel changes, awards, events, surveys, poll results and joint ventures can all be spun into news stories.


Did you have to overcome some great challenge or difficulty to arrive at where you are now? Or maybe one of your clients had a special, urgent need that was filled by your product/service?

Bottom line - human interest sells. For example, big lottery jackpots would never makerepparttar 117566 news if they blatantly promotedrepparttar 117567 lottery corporation itself. But notice howrepparttar 117568 media flacks writingrepparttar 117569 releases always focus on some aspect ofrepparttar 117570 winner's life... an ailing grandmother in need of expensive treatments, a house that recently burned down and now can be rebuilt, etc. In other words,repparttar 117571 human angle that newspapers, radio and TV just gobble up!


Write an enticing subject line, headline and first paragraph. Get torepparttar 117572 point quickly. Believe it or not, most news writers and editors only take five seconds to decide if they'll act on your announcement or not.

News reporters themselves have been trained to write usingrepparttar 117573 "inverted pyramid", puttingrepparttar 117574 most important information -- who, what, where, when, why and how -- at repparttar 117575 top. And that's what they expect to see in your media release.

Unfortunately, most releases wind up inrepparttar 117576 garbage/delete folder because they start weak, take too long to get to repparttar 117577 point, or are full of hype and puffery.

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