Written by Kurt Geer

Many people say that working for themselves or working on Straight commission is just to 'IFFY' for them.

'I'd rather work for a company that will give me a check every week, that direct marketing stuff is just to 'IFFY' for me.'

'I couldn't quit my day job, it's just to 'IFFY' and your not guaranteed a job in 10 years. I want to work some place that will appreciate my efforts and I can retire from.'

Well, if you're like me at all you'll realize that this is just our parents and grandparents talking. As many of you know those days are pretty much over as far as having a job for life or finding any security for a job well done.

The only way to have a job for life IS to work for yourself.

The thing about working for yourself is:

'If He' doesn't get out of bed inrepparttar morning and

'If He' doesn't start his computer and

'If He' doesn't find a product or service to sell and


Written by Najam Aziz Ahmed

Stop finding jobs! Start your own Online-Business without investment! or Promote your existing business by bringing it online without investment!

Yes!!! Without Investment! or with a very little budget, you can start your own online-business or promote your existing business by brining it online. It is required that you must be educated and computer literate. You can be a professional/expert in any field (it is not required that you should be computer expert), a business person or a college student.

Inrepparttar first few paragraph you will learn WHO CAN DO WHAT? and later you will learn HOW CAN YOU START WITHOUT INVESTMENT?

If you are a professional/expert in any field, of course, you know whatever you have learned. Suppose, you have a degree/diploma in Web Engineering, you know how to develop a web site and its programming, you can offer web development services to business owners who require your services. If you have some experience or some existing clients, it will be your PLUS point. Think... what can you do? what services you can provide? Offer these services online. You can introduce yourself as a web developer, software developer, hardware specialists, network engineer, estate agent, teacher, instructor, doctor, lawyer, sales promoter, accountant, engineer etc.

If you already have a business, you can promote it by bringing it online. When your business will be online, that means whole world can access your company details, what are you selling or what services you are providing. Your business will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are a college student, in learning process, do not have expertise in any field and does not any business, don't worry! You can still start your own online business without investment. You can adopt following options: (1) Internet Sales/Marketing: Sell someone's else products or services. You can make a handsome commission by referring people to their web site from yours. (2) Whatever you can do: Business persons need people who can work for them. Think... what you know? Serve your clients in as many ways as you can e.g. internet information search, word processing, letter writing, sending, receiving emails etc. (3) Offer FREE Services: Affiliate with web sites that offer free services and also pay commission. e.g. Free email accounts [], get paid programs [] & [], newsletter according to their interests [] etc. Offer your visitors these free services.

Now I will tell you how you can start or promote online business without investment, step by step:

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