Are YOUR customers YOUR business?

Written by Val Burnett

Are YOUR customers YOUR business?

Customer support should be a high priority for any business, whether you are starting up or already established. At MBP Advertising, our motto is "Our business IS our Customers."

Daily, we strive to show our customers that their concerns, comments and their time is very valuable to us. By making customer support a high priority, it givesrepparttar customer a sense of trust in our company and they know that they can come to us with any question and we will answer it and usually pretty quickly.

You need to make sure your customers receiverepparttar 146769 same quick and efficient support. How you handle customer support can and will make or break a company. Too many companies now, concentrate onrepparttar 146770 front-end sale, but very rarely work at keeping that customer afterrepparttar 146771 sale has been established. If you have a website that focuses on "free" products or services, these customers should be treatedrepparttar 146772 same as if they were "paying" customers.

If you treat all customers, whether paid or free,repparttar 146773 same and with respect, you will find these customers will be there for years to come. It is these customers, that will help you establish your company and they will refer others to you and continue to purchase or use your services.

Without customers, where would your business be? Each and every customer support issue, you need to address promptly, honestly and in a professional manner.

How can you handle customer support issues?

There are quite a few tools, software or programs that will assist you with dealing with customer support. The most favorite now isrepparttar 146774 Help desk system. Many companies are integrating these support systems into their websites.

Help Desk Ticket System

This is one ofrepparttar 146775 more popular customer service systems being used now. With a help desk system, your customer can log a support ticket, they can trackrepparttar 146776 ticket and receiverepparttar 146777 response they need. With most ticket systems, they also include a knowledge database, this is a place where you can putrepparttar 146778 most frequent asked questions. By providing this, your customers may browserepparttar 146779 database and may very well findrepparttar 146780 answer to their question, before having to log a support ticket.

All tickets put in by a customer are logged and saved inrepparttar 146781 database. This is very beneficial, because you andrepparttar 146782 customer can track what was previously said, whatrepparttar 146783 issues were and just by saving it, it is a place where your customers can reference later.

A help desk system will also help you analyze your customer support promptness but also it allowsrepparttar 146784 customer to raterepparttar 146785 service they received. This is very valuable information and will show you if your customers are happy withrepparttar 146786 support responses andrepparttar 146787 time it took to receiverepparttar 146788 answers to their questions.

We use for our ticket system, it is affordable and is loaded with features. Liz Smith, handles our customer support and by logging intorepparttar 146789 ticket system, I can seerepparttar 146790 average response time as of May 2005 is 2 hr(s) 10 min(s) 35 seconds plus she has responded and closed over 5500 tickets since we installedrepparttar 146791 ticket system just over a year ago. Our customers have rated Liz's prompt and helpful responses 5 stars!

Joint Ventures: Five Powerful Tips for Building JV Relationships

Written by Bonnie Lowe

One ofrepparttar best and fastest ways to build your business and maximize your profits is to develop joint venture partnerships. Here a five powerful tips that will greatly enhance your ability to build strong, lasting, and mutually beneficial JV relationships.

Tip #1 – Don’t Let Fear of Rejection Hinder Your Efforts

Dr. Joe Vitale,, is a very successful copywriter and best-selling author. I’m sure he’d never heard of me when I contacted him via email about my recent “Networkaholics Revealed” ebook project. So I didn’t really expect a response from Joe. But I sent him an email anyway. After all, I really had nothing to lose… and a lot to gain if he responded.

And he did!

Why? Perhaps because I was doing what he himself had done early in his career -– reaching out to someone of a higher level.

Joe said, “When I was first starting out as a writer, people way above me, such as famed copywriter Bob Bly, helped me. In later years, marketing gurus such as Murray Raphel and later Paul Hartunian, all helped me. I simply wrote to them. They sensed my sincerity and offered guidance. Today I dorepparttar 146758 same for others.”

Joe did that for me.

Was I nervous about contacting Joe and other big-name successes? You bet! But I didn’t let that stop me.

According to Chip Tarver,, you must put your fears aside. “Most people have a fear of rejection,” Chip said. “The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are typically not rejected, your idea is. So try not to take that personally.

“Remember that failure is something to be cherished, because it gets you closer to success. Every failure is just a test that didn’t work. It is not a personal failure. When you get a ‘No,’ just think ‘Next’ and move on torepparttar 146759 next person.”

Was I rejected by anyone? Of course! But my results were better than 50-50. If I’d been afraid to approach people, my ebook would never have gotten offrepparttar 146760 drawing board.

Tip #2 – Focus onrepparttar 146761 Relationship, Not Justrepparttar 146762 Deal

Regardless of who you want to develop a JV partnership with -– whether they’re already rich and famous, or unknown newbies interested in helping you while they learn -– remember they are people, not business deals.

As Chip says, “You will never, ever do any business anywhere in your life (online or off, in any industry, with anyone) until you learn that business is all about people; and people are all about relationships.”

Alice Seba,, says “I like to meet other people, learn from them, interact with them, and build long-term relationships and partnerships.”

According to Alice, those relationships may ultimately develop into joint ventures or other business benefits. “When they do, they are stronger relationships than contacting someone and saying, ‘Hey, will you send this email out to promote my product? You’ll make a commission!’

“I have gotten some good joint venture deals with ‘big name’ people to promote my stuff,” Alice said, “but I was friends with these people for a long time before any business relationship developed. I’m nice, I give. Some people don’t get it. They are just focused on ‘How do you getrepparttar 146763 gurus to promote your product?’”

Build relationships/friendships first.

Tip #3 – Address Their Interests, Wants & Needs

My project dealt withrepparttar 146764 topic of networking. So when I decided to approach people about collaborating, I contacted those whom I knew had an interest in that topic, or had a list of people who could benefit fromrepparttar 146765 topic.

Michel Fortin,, said, “When you know thatrepparttar 146766 other person has very specific needs, and you have a product that serves those needs, you can tailor your introduction to address those specific needs.”

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