Are Westhighland Terriers the Right Dogs for You?

Written by Jeff Cuckson

You can look at westhighland terriers and know if it isrepparttar right size for your yard, home, or lifestyle, but a little more in-depth knowledge is necessary to determine if westies haverepparttar 146669 personality for you.

Westie terriers are exuberant little dogs, but owners do report that they are usually content to lie at their side throughoutrepparttar 146670 day. However, once they are let outside, westies will want to run and jump and play. Like any dog, they require outside playtime every day. Westies are not dogs that perform well when left alone all day.

Some people describe them as obstinate and naughty. This is a trait of many terrier breeds, but westies dogs usually have it to a lesser degree. They are very independent, but they are also intelligent and easy to train if they handled in a firm, consistent way. Westie terriers are considered easy to housetrain, because of their natural desire to remain clean.

Most are not described as cuddlers. They are not lap dogs. However, they are extremely companionable, and want to be with you no matter what you do. You can take westie dogs just about anywhere that dogs are allowed to go.

They will bark to announce that a stranger is approaching. They make good guard dogs. They can be trained not to bark, or to bark once and then stop. Although they announce strangers, they are also extremely friendly with everybody.

Your westie terriers will get along with your children if they respectrepparttar 146671 dogs' boundaries. One that has been poked and pulled torepparttar 146672 point of irritation will nip or become aggressive. Some authorities on westies do not recommendrepparttar 146673 dogs for homes with children under six years of age.

West highland white terriers were bred to chase down small prey. If a cat runs away, it will chase it. Westie rescue organizations report thatrepparttar 146674 terrier's inability to tolerate cats can be a problem. Other small pets, such as rodents and birds, are not safe to run loose in a home with a westie terrier. Your westie will usually accept other dogs, although males are less likely to accept another unaltered male of any breed.

Scottie & Westie - This Mistake is Perfectly Understandable

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Show an uninformed dog lover a photo of a Westie, and they’d identify a Westie as a white Scottie. This mistake is perfectly understandable, since they do have similar physical attributes and both originated from Scotland.

There are a lot of postulated theories about these similarities. However, one valid assumption is that centuries ago, a generic terrier was once a native to Scotland.

Overrepparttar years, different breeds came about from interbreeding, locations,repparttar 146668 conditions and human requirements, which resulted inrepparttar 146669 different breeds. So when you comparerepparttar 146670 modern Westie to its’ two closest relatives,repparttar 146671 Scottie andrepparttar 146672 Cairn, you’ll see more similarities than differences.

Here are just some ofrepparttar 146673 differences between a Scottie & Westie.

A Westie is usually between 12-15 inches tall terrier with a straight and erect tail, about 5 – 6 inches. This breed has a two inch white double coat, whilerepparttar 146674 outer coat is hard straight hairrepparttar 146675 under coat is soft.

They possess a black button nose and pointed erect ears. Their deep chests and muscular limbs giverepparttar 146676 westiesrepparttar 146677 agility and power that was required inrepparttar 146678 original line of work for their breed. They were originally developed to hunt for vermin inrepparttar 146679 mountains of West Scotland.

The shorter Scottish Terrier is about at 10-11 inches tall. The coat of a typical Scottie is hard, wiry, weather-resistant and a thick-set, cobby body which is hung between short, heavy legs. Unlikerepparttar 146680 westie, they come in different colors; black, brown and bindle.

Another difference is that their noses are larger compared torepparttar 146681 westie, although sometimes, you’ll come across a Scottie that has a button like nose. The Scottie’s ears and tail are pointy and erect.

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