Are We Singing?

Written by White Feather

Spiraling rainbows shimmering on all peripheries; things take on a mystical hue when those certain vibratory frequecnies are reached. It isrepparttar music of life.

What note are we vibrating to? What pitch are we giving off? And how do we change pitch? Do we create our own rhythm or do we follow along with a rhythm that is beyond ourselves?

But is anything beyond us? Isrepparttar 122101 primal rhythm ofrepparttar 122102 universe notrepparttar 122103 same rhythm that echoes in our bones? If so, we are part ofrepparttar 122104 creation. Our pitch is part ofrepparttar 122105 overall tone.

The vibratory pitches that feel good are those that we created as markers for us to follow towards our ideal frequency;repparttar 122106 frequency that expresses our total being. We have written a symphony and every note is a bread crumb dropped to help us find our way home. As we feel and embrace each bread crumb we get closer torepparttar 122107 wholeness of our being.

Triune Consulting Services

Written by Gail LaBossiere

Spirologenetics: A New Innovative Technique for Our Times

A tri-level aspect of healing that encompassesrepparttar external environment,repparttar 122100 physical and spiritual environment. There are multi-numbered layers of energies that surround and exist as fine layers inside and around our physical body. What layers of energies that encirclerepparttar 122101 earth, are duplicated in miniature around each of us. Inrepparttar 122102 spiritual environment, that encompasses our soul essence and it’s communication link withrepparttar 122103 physical mind/body, therein lies a greater multitude of energy patterns and layers of energy sources that have a ‘living’ essence. This living essence is transmuted throughrepparttar 122104 soul/spirit self, torepparttar 122105 mind and is processed through motivation, ideas, thoughts and action. This physical outward expression emanates thought energies intorepparttar 122106 external environment, that is,repparttar 122107 earth andrepparttar 122108 universe. When there is harmonious interaction betweenrepparttar 122109 inner self,repparttar 122110 soul essence and its spiritual environment,repparttar 122111 reverberations are received in a fluid-like manner inrepparttar 122112 mind (often referred to as inner peace of mind), and reflected torepparttar 122113 health ofrepparttar 122114 physical body. When there are blockages in any ofrepparttar 122115 three levels of reality (spirit-self, physical-self, external environment) thenrepparttar 122116 harmonious balance of communication of energies are imbalanced, resulting in physical, mental and emotional illness. Any combination of modalities that are used by present-day energy and holistic practitioners use to correct imbalances, are amalgamated inrepparttar 122117 technique known as Spirologenetics. Beginning withrepparttar 122118 soul essence, and its spiritual environment, this modalities looks at, past lives, soul fragmentation of past lives, unresolved issues ofrepparttar 122119 soul personality, attached foreign energies such as entities, thought forms and unrelated energy forms, past lives, variances in frequencies associated withrepparttar 122120 soul and its relationship withrepparttar 122121 physical realm. Continuing with

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