Are We Happy, Really?

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Are we getting just old enough (and on so many medications) That we don't realize how down right irritable we can be? Or, have we not realized just how unhappy we really are?

Upon first enteringrepparttar workforce, I was in shock, and sometimes thoroughly angered, to discoverrepparttar 132487 authoritarian, legalistic, generation of adults who (had controlled our every thought and being) didn't even have their own act together!

Only then, these adults were deacons, Sunday School teachers, andrepparttar 132488 like ... with a different code of ethics inrepparttar 132489 workplace. Evidently, all that lust and greed wasn’trepparttar 132490 answer, because they still aren't truly happy.

Now, my youngest is 19, with her first experience inrepparttar 132491 workforce, and she thoroughly loathes her job ... not because of employers or even co-workers, butrepparttar 132492 customers. It isn't just an occasional cranky old biddy. As she says, "Mom, it's all of them!"

Customers makerepparttar 132493 same purchases, over and over, withrepparttar 132494 same gripes. She's inrepparttar 132495 food business. So, there is pre-knowledge that food will tasterepparttar 132496 same, be wrappedrepparttar 132497 same way, customers will be chargedrepparttar 132498 same ... every time. My daughter questions, "If they really don't like our product, why don't they go somewhere else?"

Evidently, customers do likerepparttar 132499 product, as this store is a multi-million dollar business. Though, multitudes do appear unhappy, as retailers well know. Maybe we can keep it all neatly tucked, take it out on clerks and waitresses, nonerepparttar 132500 wiser. Now, that's a plan!

Tar and Tax

Written by Joyce C. Lock

It wasn't but a few short years ago, especially inrepparttar south, that tobacco was many farmer's main crop and even preachers were known to smoke ... and it was accepted. It wasrepparttar 132485 tobacco industry that added ingredients to keep one hooked and our government who lookedrepparttar 132486 other way ...repparttar 132487 same government who has, now, picked out a select minority to tax and breed hate.

Those same people, who's service forrepparttar 132488 Lord was once honored, are not allowed to serve in titled positions of churches today. What? Did God stop speaking to people because they smoke? Ok, did He stop speaking to you who drink coffee? Or, have you ever heard God speak inrepparttar 132489 first place?

The government's excuse for taxing smokers is that they run up more medical bills. Well, if that'srepparttar 132490 true concern, why aren't we taxingrepparttar 132491 gay community and why are we funding abortion? In addition, studies have provenrepparttar 132492 effects of obesity are just as damaging to one's health as smoking. Equality for all? I don't think so.

Though, many smokers were guilty of one thing ~ being rude and inconsiderate with their smoking. But, do you know what? I don't likerepparttar 132493 smell of people who need bathed, dirty diapers, or vomit, either. So, why don't we penalize them while we're at it?

Regulations have gone from smoking in separate sections, to no smoking in public areas, to no smoking withinrepparttar 132494 building, to no smoking except outside, to no smoking except in weather designated areas, to no smoking on premises ... even amidst acres of parking lot.

Recent campaigns suggest one is abusing their children by smoking. But, if you pay attention to their statistics, one would have to hold a child captive to a smoke filled room for an entire day to intakerepparttar 132495 equivalent of 1/2 packs of cigarettes. The likelihood of that is so rare that it hardly merits an expensive campaign that can, one day, lead to children being removed from their homes if a parent smokes.

Besides, being that cancer patients, who wear glasses, are more likely to die of cancer than those who don't, money would be better spent on a campaign for UV protection.

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