Are Those In Search Of The Success Enjoyed By Search Engines Misled?

Written by Dale Armin Miller

Are you misled byrepparttar success of search engines?

Most webmasters seem to be.

Of course, several ofrepparttar 128428 most-visited sites onrepparttar 128429 Internet are indeed search engines or directories.

"And what do engines and directories have? A zillion unrelated links to everything. Therefore, I'll do something like that."


People don't go to engines or directories to find a lot of links. Most often, a visit is to findrepparttar 128430 answer to one, single question.

Yet most ofrepparttar 128431 websites I see are crammed with as much stuff as possible. A second problem is that much of it is unrelated.

I have half-a-dozen websites, including some that are amongrepparttar 128432 most popular onrepparttar 128433 web. Not top 10%; not top 1%; but top 0.1%! I don't say that to brag (well, at least I hope not); I say that to to emphasize that part of their success is because each deals with one, single, narrowly defined topic.

Even two subjects is too many:

I'll pretend I understand why you want to promote, describe, and extollrepparttar 128434 virtues of a particular long-distance telephone service. And I certainly understandrepparttar 128435 need for a webpage onrepparttar 128436 medieval history of Luxembourg. (Really.) But why are they onrepparttar 128437 same webpage? Why are they even inrepparttar 128438 same site?


Written by David Dimas

Want to get a top listing for your local Internet webpage? Here are seven changes that you can implement today that can make a big difference on your search engine rankings. Some of you may haverepparttar working knowledge to make these HTML changes, others of you may need a little help. These tips will help make your website search engine friendly.

I live in Ventura County in Southern California. I've spent many hours looking at hundreds of local websites for Real Estate, Chiropractic, and Dentist clients. It is very important for them to show up on search engines for local search terms. I'm going to use my local Chiropractor listings as examples in this HTML tutorial. I looked up websites using Keywords like, "Chiropractor in Ventura County," "Chiropractor in Thousand Oaks," and "Chiropractor offices in Ventura County." I want you to know that with a few minor adjustments to your HTML you can gain a distinctive advantage over other local websites that could mean more business to you inrepparttar 128427 coming months. Who isn't interested in some new business in today's economy?

Let's examine what top ranked Chiropractor sites are doing to gain Keyword relevancy on search engines. You can look at your competition's HTML tags by going to your browser of choice, clicking "View" inrepparttar 128428 upper left hand corner of your browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator), and then scrolling down torepparttar 128429 word "Source". It will open another browser window withrepparttar 128430 HTML language for you to look at.


Several search engines use Keywords inrepparttar 128431 Title tag as part ofrepparttar 128432 their algorithms. Algorithms are rules that search engines use to calculate a ranking of a website. Each engine uses different algorithms. Using a Title tag like;

John Q. Smith Chiropractor

is wasted text unless you think that people are going to be usingrepparttar 128433 name (John Q. Smith) as search term. If you want to attract visitors who are looking for Chiropractor in Ventura County" you may want to userepparttar 128434 Keyword phrase, "Chiropractor in Ventura County" in your Title tag.

Here is how you may want to put Keywords in your Title tag.

Chiropractor in Ventura County, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake California, Chiropractor office in Ventura County.

It doesn't matter what order you placerepparttar 128435 tags inrepparttar 128436 HEAD area, although some experts recommended that you includerepparttar 128437 TITLE tag first onrepparttar 128438 page, before listing any other tags.


There's a continuing debate about whether to separate each Keyword inrepparttar 128439 Meta tag by a comma, or to group related words (i.e, phrases) by commas, or to list allrepparttar 128440 words in one long string separating each word only by a spaces.

Which method is better? The most common method is separating each word or phrase by a comma. However, many experts contend thatrepparttar 128441 search engines ignorerepparttar 128442 commas. Their thought is that by eliminating them, you can include more words inrepparttar 128443 tag. My position is that it won't likely affect your rankings either way.

Caution: Be careful not to repeatrepparttar 128444 same Keyword more than two or three times inrepparttar 128445 Meta tag. NEVER repeatrepparttar 128446 same word twice in a row or you may trigger a search engine's "spam filter." Never include Keywords that do not apply torepparttar 128447 content of your page.

Here's what your Meta tag may look like for "Chiropractor in Ventura County".


Each engine that supportsrepparttar 128448 Meta description tag will shrink it down to 150 to 350 characters depending onrepparttar 128449 engine. Therefore, includerepparttar 128450 best portion of your description inrepparttar 128451 first 150 characters, but go ahead and add additional text to fill it out to about 350 characters.

Here's what your Meta Description tag may look like for "Chiropractor in Ventura County".

best service in Ventura County.">


Many engines look at your first paragraph for Keyword relevance. By carefully wordingrepparttar 128453 text in your first paragraph, you can add to your Keyword relevancy. My suggestion is not to use your Keywords more than five times on any page inrepparttar 128454 body of your text.

Here is an example of using Keywords inrepparttar 128455 body of your text. Keywords = " Chiropractor in Ventura County."

When you're looking to purchase Chiropractor in Ventura County you want someone who is an expert in buying and selling Chiropractor in Ventura County. We are here to help. Located inrepparttar 128456 Thousand Oaks/ Westlake Village area in Ventura County. Our Chiropractor office is here to focus on you and your personal needs.

Some engines will also checkrepparttar 128457 last paragraph ofrepparttar 128458 body of your text. One local Chiropractor uses this text atrepparttar 128459 bottom of his homepage to gain added Keyword relevancy for his website.

"ABC Chiropractic proudly servesrepparttar 128460 following areas of Ventura County: Conejo Valley, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Camarillo, Lake Sherwood, Moorpark, Newbury Park, North Ranch, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake Village."

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