"Are They Stealing Your Commissions???"

Written by A. T. Rendon

"Are They Stealing Your Commissions???" by A.T.Rendon Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved

First it was "Smart Tags", and they came onto your web site and using your "Keywords", they stole your visitors.

Now these same FREE software people have managed to legally steal your affiliate commissions!!!

It might be legal but it certainly smacks of theft and of being just plain WRONG!!!

These online services are using their FREE software to include withinrepparttar bundle, a new type of software that will divert your earned commissions into their own pockets.

We will call this type of software - Theft-ware.

With this software, commissions that should go to you when you provide someone like, Amazon, http://www,amazon.com/, a visitor via a link on your web site,repparttar 102524 software makes it appear as ifrepparttar 102525 FREE software provider isrepparttar 102526 referring link rather than you.

This Theft-ware software, which apparently is currently being made and distributed by about 15 companies, is said to be perfectly legal, because they make users agree to this THEFT of commissions withinrepparttar 102527 FINE PRINT, which we all never read in acceptingrepparttar 102528 use of FREE software online.

Worst of all, and typical of these sleazy businesses, isrepparttar 102529 fact thatrepparttar 102530 average user of their FREE software is totally unaware that this Theft-ware software is operating on their computers.

If you have downloaded any FREE software from Kazaa, ofrepparttar 102531 infamous "Smart Tags" scandal, Morpheus, WhenU.com, BearShare, SaveNow, LimeShop, BuyerSport, TopMoxie, or LimeWire, just to mention a few of these modern day pirate, then you may be losing money right now! Some affiliate estimate that they have seen a drop of 50 percent or more in their commissions and we are just now learning why.

The deception is simple for these companies.

It all starts when you or I as consumers download FREE software fromrepparttar 102532 Internet withrepparttar 102533 belief that it is going to help us swap music, photos or other files, or to findrepparttar 102534 best bargains online.

As you go throughrepparttar 102535 process to installrepparttar 102536 FREE software,repparttar 102537 little window will innocently enough ask you to show support for their FREE software if you will shop through an affiliate program.

What you and I as consumers are not being made aware of specifically is that when you click, "I Agree", our computer is then branded electronically.

From that point on, all future purchases you make online will be made to appear as if made throughrepparttar 102538 affiliate link ofrepparttar 102539 FREE software distributor even if it was not.

This same FREE software thus cancels a purchase made through YOUR AFFILIATE LINK by making it appear as if it was made viarepparttar 102540 FREE software's affiliate link.

Affiliates Need to 'Capture' the Email Address

Written by David McKenzie

One ofrepparttar secrets to a successful online home based business is capturing your visitors' email address so you can contact them again and again. The most effective way to capture email addresses is by offering a free newsletter, free email course or free ebook.

For affiliates, capturingrepparttar 102523 email address is a bit more difficult, but certainly no less important.

If you resell products or services on your web site this is done through affiliate links. Quite often your visitor comes to your site, clicks an affiliate link and leaves; perhaps never to return again.

You MISS capturingrepparttar 102524 email address!

So how can you ensure you get that email address?

While you will never capture everybody's email address there is a way to increaserepparttar 102525 number of email addresses you do capture.

You need to redesign your web site and changerepparttar 102526 focus away from affiliate programs and towards getting email addresses.

Here are 3 web design techniques you can use immediately:

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