Are Popups Ethical?

Written by Richard Lowe

The most important fact to understand aboutrepparttar internet is it is one huge communication device. Plain and simply, that is all thatrepparttar 100984 internet is and it is all that it does - communicate.

Thus, an effective website communicates to it's audience and, oftentimes,repparttar 100985 audience communicates back. In other words, an effective website is defined simply in a single sentence: it communicates well with it's intended audience. Period.

Now, if your intended audience is people who need a certain kind of widget, and you get those people to purchase your widgets, then your website is a success.

It does not matter ifrepparttar 100986 "non-target" audience doesn't get repparttar 100987 communication (and hence does not purchase). They are not repparttar 100988 target!

Now, folded into this equation isrepparttar 100989 matter of ethics. In order for a society to exist and it's members to prosper, rules are agreed upon for civilized conduct. Thus, you can expect that you can drive downrepparttar 100990 street without getting a rock through your window or a bullet in your back (at least in California). Civilized people have agreed that this is inappropriate behavior.

There is an even higher plain of ethics, where you decide to follow a code which is "higher" than that agreed upon by society. It is very interesting that there is a direct correlation between a person's ethics and his long term success. More ethical people tend to survive better than less ethical people (inrepparttar 100991 long term). I am not referring just to money here (although that is part ofrepparttar 100992 equation). This is overall quality of life. While Howard Hughes certainly was very rich, for example, I do not believe that inrepparttar 100993 later part of his life anyone could claim he was happy - his final years struck me as miserable. He was highly unethical, and this caught up with him.

Sorepparttar 100994 questions come down to: do you communicate effectively to your target audience, and do you present this communication in an ethical manner?

As an example, suppose you run an adult website. A person with ethics would not show adult pictures onrepparttar 100995 splash page, would require proof of age, and would advertiserepparttar 100996 site only to consenting adults. An unethical site might plaster hard core pictures everywhere without a care inrepparttar 100997 world, have weak protection against viewing by minors, spam everyone and embed every scum method of popping up, under, over and so forth that has been invented.

And The Award For The Best-Pulling Ad Goes To...

Written by Paula Morrow

Question: Does your advertising pullrepparttar way you want it to? Or does it fall short...way, way short?

As people get more accustomed to online advertising, they are becoming more vocal as to why one ad appeals, while others are earningrepparttar 100983 cold shoulder.

According to a survey conducted by Jupiter, a globally recognized resource on ecommerce, most winners and losers have a number of things in common.

And The Winners Are...

According torepparttar 100984 survey, winning ads:

*Include targeted information. A vast majority (40%) of those surveyed stated that they continue to userepparttar 100985 Internet as an information resource.

Consider packaging your ad within free information, perhaps by presenting your ad as a resource box atrepparttar 100986 end of a free report. Or weaving examples throughout, encouraging readers to refer to your website for more detail.

*Include statistics. Numbers work, as long as they are realistic. A claim, backed by statistics, tends to be more believable.

*Keep their length appropriate forrepparttar 100987 offer being presented. More information must be provided for higher ticket items, or items that require a great deal of consideration (buying a house, for example). While other ads, that focus on more simple products or services, can be shorter.

*Provide a number of benefits. There's that word again, benefits. It'srepparttar 100988 key to success online, and you'll see it again and again.

Benefits answeringrepparttar 100989 'what's in it for me?' question are far more persuasive than features. Benefits speak to emotions. Andrepparttar 100990 vast majority of sales have an emotional element involved.

Make sure you address in your ad how your product or service will fulfill a need, a want, sooth a concern or fear, solve their problem, etc.

*Have supporting information available at other locations. Does your site include information that back up your ads? If a person clicks through from a link, willrepparttar 100991 web information continue to build on what was already presented?

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