Are PopIns better than Banners or PopUnders?

Written by John Iacovakis

Inrepparttar past, website directories, online classifieds, safe lists and banner ads were all terrific ways to obtain website traffic. Butrepparttar 143682 Internet is a dynamic medium that is constantly changing. And some methods just haven’t been able to keep up.

On top of that, cost-per-click advertising is costing today’s entrepreneurs as much as several dollars per visitor!

Search engine optimisation is a long-term strategy, costing thousands of dollars (unless you do it yourself) but results are not guaranteed…

Pop Under advertising campaigns are cheap but you have to know how to properly set-up a pop under campaign. In my opinion, PopIn (layer) ads are a terrific (and cheap) way to attractrepparttar 143683 attention of thousands of visitors:

PopIn ads receive a click trough rate of 1% - 2.0% (some popin layer ads receive a CTR of up to 5%)

The Truth About Pay-Per-Click Advertisements

Written by Alyssa Duvall

Are pay-per-click adsrepparttar best method of getting customers to your website?

Essentially there are two ways your website can get torepparttar 143616 top of a search engine's results:

* Pay-per-click ads, where you pay for your site to appear inrepparttar 143617 “Sponsored Links” area onrepparttar 143618 right side ofrepparttar 143619 results page

* Search engine optimization, where your site is optimized to be atrepparttar 143620 top ofrepparttar 143621 natural/organic results onrepparttar 143622 left side ofrepparttar 143623 results page (link to our SEO page)

JupiterResearch analyst Niki Scevak stated that one in seven searchers click on a paid/sponsored link. If you dorepparttar 143624 math, that's only 14% of searchers who are choosingrepparttar 143625 pay-per-click ads to get torepparttar 143626 information they are searching for. It also means, if you concentrate all your search efforts on pay-per-click you will only be reaching 14% of your potential customers.

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