Are Headhunters calling you...or ignoring you?

Written by Deborah Walker

In my former life as a recruiter (also affectionately referred to as “headhunter”) I received hundreds of resumes a week from all parts ofrepparttar country. The statement that a person’s resume gets a 15 second read is not far fromrepparttar 101871 truth. In fact, 15 seconds is a generous assumption. In reality, a resume must capturerepparttar 101872 recruiter’s attention inrepparttar 101873 first five seconds to avoidrepparttar 101874 round file. Candidates can greatly improve their chance of catchingrepparttar 101875 recruiter’s attention by following three simple rules: userepparttar 101876 correct format, include plenty of quantifiable accomplishments and sprinkle liberally with appropriate keywords.

The first rule, use of correct format, is crucial. There is one, and only one, proper resume format for recruiters--chronological. Recruiters’ do not have time or patience to figure outrepparttar 101877 complexities of a functional resume. To recruiters, time is money. A second danger of using a functional resume is that recruiters automatically assumerepparttar 101878 candidate is attempting to hide something. This is a universal assumption. No job seeker on earth is able to hide unpleasant facts within a functional resume. Recruiters are trained fromrepparttar 101879 start to pick up on any possible “red flags” that identifyrepparttar 101880 job seeker as an undesirable candidate.

The second rule, use of quantifiable accomplishments, is essential in helpingrepparttar 101881 recruiter see you as money in his pocket. Remember this point--you will only capture a headhunter’s attention when he sees you in terms of commission potential. Since recruiters earn their fee by providing better candidates than their competition, your resume should shout “ACCOMPLISHMENTS.” Quantifiable accomplishments are most convincing when connected to bottom-line results: revenue earned, money saved, market share increased, costs cut or time saved. This type of information givesrepparttar 101882 recruiter selling points to market you to their clients and put you in front of employers quicker.

The third rule, liberal use of keywords, is important not only inrepparttar 101883 short term, but also leads to future opportunity. At any given time a recruiter may have 10 to 100 specific positions to fill. Recruiters categorize their positions by qualifications identified by keywords. When reading resumesrepparttar 101884 recruiter scans for those keywords. The recruiter may be so tuned into finding specific words that he is oblivious to anything else inrepparttar 101885 resume except keywords.

Leave Your Needs at the Door

Written by Rinatta Paries

A good relationship enriches and enhances your life. Whether you can attract and create an enriching relationship partly depends on what you think a relationship will do for you.

There are two approaches to creating relationships. Some people want a relationship in order get their needs met. These individuals tend to have a long list of needs they are not meeting anywhere else, and want met when they connect with a partner.

Unfortunately, approaching a relationship to get your needs met tends to attract partners who require you to give up or alter some part of you.

In such a relationship, you may be told you are loved only when you are on your "best" behavior. You may be required to take care of your partner either financially or emotionally in exchange forrepparttar continuation ofrepparttar 101870 relationship. You may be asked to put up with unacceptable behavior in order to continue to get your needs met.

People who haverepparttar 101871 good fortune of creating good relationships enter into relationships with their needs already met, forrepparttar 101872 sole purpose of enrichment.

In such a relationship, you are free to be yourself. Because you are being yourself, you grow and expand in ways that are good for you. Even in compromise, you learn skills that bring about growth. While being fully yourself, you are more likely to communicate fully and do not have to monitor or control your behavior. Your best attributes are brought out and highlighted. If your partner exhibits unacceptable behavior, you are in a position to ask him or her to instead berepparttar 101873 best he or she can be.

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