Are Cell Phones Reliable?

Written by Sharon Housley

How Reliable are Cell Phones? Cellular phones and pagers are part ofrepparttar "now" generation, instant contact, anywhere at any time. People are looking for convenience, comfort and security. The question is how instantaneous and reliable isrepparttar 116924 contact?

Talking with someone isrepparttar 116925 main use for a cell phone, yet due to poor reception how often do calls not go through, or important calls "dropped" due to flaky coverage? Let us not forget, that in a time of tragedy, lines were congested andrepparttar 116926 resounding "all circuits busy" messages were heard from coast to coast. There is certainly room for improvement if you want to reach out and touch someone.

The alternative to voice communication is traditional text messaging, enjoyed byrepparttar 116927 young as SMS, a 'hip' communication method, andrepparttar 116928 older asrepparttar 116929 tried and true paging, a trustworthy means of communication. A carrier receives pages or text messages via a traditional dial up modem or Internet connection to their terminal, and then broadcastsrepparttar 116930 messages over their network torepparttar 116931 appropriate wireless device. How instant is sending a text message? The answer might surprise depends.

Traditional means of sending text messages is surprisingly reliable and fast. However, many cellular carriers, wishing to merge technologies while keeping costs down, have opted to utilize email technology to send text messages. Why not, an email is nothing more than a text message, usingrepparttar 116932 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Onrepparttar 116933 surface this sounds like a great idea, nearly everyone has email access, andrepparttar 116934 use ofrepparttar 116935 Internet streamlinesrepparttar 116936 sending of messages.

What is often overlooked, isrepparttar 116937 fact that email was not designed to be time sensitive. There can be significant delays and an instantaneous receipt can be lost when sending email to a pager or cell phone. Text messages sent viarepparttar 116938 email protocol SMTP could take a more scenic delivery route. While in many cases, receiving messages in a timely fashion is not critical; some industries require and benefit fromrepparttar 116939 receipt of urgent messages. It is therefore important to realize and make a distinction betweenrepparttar 116940 protocols that are designed for instantaneous communication and those that are not.

Identifying your Niche

Written by Vishal P. Rao

By Vishal P. Rao

The Internet has become a valuable source of information and purchasing tool for today's consumer. Withrepparttar click of a mouse you can find almost anything from products to services onrepparttar 116923 web, and you can shop forrepparttar 116924 best prices and values all hours ofrepparttar 116925 day fromrepparttar 116926 convenience of your own home. For some of these same reasons, mail order businesses are also onrepparttar 116927 rise with consumers finding better values from companies that don't haverepparttar 116928 overhead associated with a storefront.

With everything atrepparttar 116929 consumers' fingertips,repparttar 116930 home business owner can also benefit from today's market culture. Just as consumers can shop from their living rooms and kitchens, business owners can conduct business inrepparttar 116931 convenience of their own homes. If you are looking to set your own hours, have less commuting time, and enjoyrepparttar 116932 general freedoms of working for yourself, starting a home business may be right for you.

One important business plan to attend to when you first start developing a home business is to invest time in finding your niche.

So what does this mean, finding your niche? Identifying a niche is about finding a distinct segment of consumer interest, then capitalizing on it. It means finding that particular spot inrepparttar 116933 business world where you can stand out amongst others. For example there may be hundreds of booksellers out there, but how many specialize in books on a particular interest of yours? If your home business focuses on selling books, you may be competing withrepparttar 116934 hundreds of other sellers. But if your home business focuses on selling books about outdoor sports, you may find yourself in direct competition with fewer businesses.

Now that you know what a niche is, how do you go about identifying yours? You can start by asking your self a few important questions:

What am I good at?

Take an inventory of your skills. Are you a good mechanic? Are you a wiz with home decorating? Do your friends all come to you when they have computer problems to fix? Do you know almost everything there is to know about a particular topic? Findrepparttar 116935 things you already have some skill in, and start a list. You may be surprised where your talents lie.

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