Are Black Republicans Selfish?

Written by Angela Winters

I recently read an article at Black America Web, one of my favorite news sources, and was taken back byrepparttar opinion of one ofrepparttar 125938 writers. In a nutshell, she said that Black Republicans are just selfish.

We don't haverepparttar 125939 exact numbers fromrepparttar 125940 2004 election yet, but a lot of buzz has been going aroundrepparttar 125941 past few weeks about Bush's black numbers. The Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies conducted a research survey suggesting that Bush will probably double his black vote in 2004 fromrepparttar 125942 paltry 9% in 2000.

In her commentary,repparttar 125943 writer sees selfishness and lack of racial identity asrepparttar 125944 reason blacks would increase their support of a man who has been nothing less than 'negligent and hostile' to them.

Why is it so hard to understand that we are all not defined by our skin color? We are human beings, and just as white/Asian/Hispanic or any other kind of Americans tend to lean right when they get some cheese, so do black folks. So yes, there might be a part of that, but I wouldn't call it selfish. Fiscal conservativism is not exclusive to any race.


Written by Sana

About 2.2 million sq km (0.85 million sq mi) in size, Saudi Arabia is mostly desert. It's bordered torepparttar south-east by Oman, Yemen andrepparttar 125937 United Arab Emirates, torepparttar 125938 north by Iraq and Kuwait, and torepparttar 125939 west by Jordan. Western Saudi Arabia is dominated by a mountain chain which runsrepparttar 125940 entire length ofrepparttar 125941 country, getting higher and wider torepparttar 125942 south. About halfrepparttar 125943 country (an arearepparttar 125944 size of France) is taken up byrepparttar 125945 Rub' al-Khali, or Empty Quarter,repparttar 125946 largest sand desert inrepparttar 125947 world. A second great sand desert,repparttar 125948 Nafud, stretches its way acrossrepparttar 125949 north-west ofrepparttar 125950 country, whilerepparttar 125951 centre and north of Saudi Arabia is mostly gravelly plains. The east is flat and low-lying, an area of sabkhas (or salt flats). Its main geographical feature isrepparttar 125952 gigantic Al-Hasa oasis. Quaid-e Azam in a number of his speeches said that Muslim should be considered as a nation.he said thatrepparttar 125953 only realistic solution torepparttar 125954 political problems of South Asia is to recognizerepparttar 125955 Muslim as a seperate nation.He definedrepparttar 125956 Muslim nation in following words:

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