Are Announcement Lists Effective?

Written by Bill Platt

When you start an ezine, you realize after a few short weeks that you will actually have to promote it in order for it to be successful. But how do we do that? We have all asked ourselves that question. When you begin to seek out solutions, most of us quickly discover Announcement Lists. But, how effective are they?

New List Announcements are great, but you can only use them once!

When you start out with a new list and begin promoting onrepparttar announce lists, you are thrilled by each new subsciption. But after some time passes, you begin to notice that your new subscriptions are waning. Most list owners will reach this point and start playing with their ads a bit. This is a good excercise, it will help you learn to craft a better ad. Let me give you some of what I learned when I started trying to create a better ad.

You can learn alot by watching your own methods for looking at announcement posts. If there are certain things in an ad that trigger certain reactions in you, then you can be fairly certain that other people will reactrepparttar 124331 same way.

Take for example white space. White space is wonderful. It is much easier onrepparttar 124332 eyes than an ad that runs along for miles without a break. It provides a clean appearance and seems more professional.

Subconciously, we may be equating white space orrepparttar 124333 lack thereof, torepparttar 124334 different subconcious reactions we have towards a clean person versus our reactions towards a bum in an alley way. By paying attention to my own reactions to various ad styles, I have learned that you do need that white space to break things up, or people will skip your ad altogether. My ad efficiency increased by 25% by learning just this one lesson.

You need to try to cycle your ads and try different things. Each week, try a different approach for your ads. By doing this, you will begin to see what works best for your particular ezine. Different ezines will need a different style of ad, to representrepparttar 124335 differentiation of subject materials andrepparttar 124336 people who read them. Despiterepparttar 124337 differences ofrepparttar 124338 various genre, some tactics will be effective for all of them. The remainder of this article will continue to address some of those constants.

Some of my early growth explosions came as a result of using testimonials in my ad copy. I know you have heard people talk about that before. I know, because I have read more articles onrepparttar 124339 subject of using testimonials than for any other subject material.

I highly recommend that you will want to includerepparttar 124340 single best testimonial you have received from your subscribers. It is not important how many testimonials you have, as long as you have one that is really descriptive and informative. It only took me one ad with one testimonial to understandrepparttar 124341 importance of using testimonials in my ad copy.

Creating The Perfect Newsletter

Written by Mitchell Harper

---------------------------------- Introduction ----------------------------------

In this article I’m going to tell yourepparttar secrets to creating a great newsletter that will have your visitors coming back to your site in a shot! I’m going to discuss what type of content you should publish in your newsletter, how often you should send your newsletter out, and most importantly, how to “speak” to your visitors through your newsletter to have maximum impact and drive them back to your site in droves.

---------------------------------- What do I publish? ----------------------------------

A newsletter is one ofrepparttar 124330 most cost effective and quickest ways to communicate with your sites visitor base. However, if you’re sending your visitors newsletters that contain old, stale content, spelling errors, dead links or too much advertising, then what’srepparttar 124331 chance that they will return to your site? The number one purpose of sending a newsletter is to try and get each and every subscriber to come back to your site. How do I do that then, you ask? Through interesting, informative content, that’s how.

Here are a couple of ideas for content that you can put in your newsletter:

A what’s happening section that informs visitors of any new additions to your site sincerepparttar 124332 last newsletter was sent out. In this section you can tell visitors about any new articles or interesting additions to your web site. Here’s a snippet of what I published in my recent newsletter:

-- What's Happing @ ------------------

Hello Everyone, Welcome torepparttar 124333 mid-January 2002 issue of DevXPress. It's been another extremely busy yet productive month over at, so let's take a look at some new features that both myself and our entire team have helped add torepparttar 124334 site:


Publishrepparttar 124335 results of your latest voting poll. What’s that? You don’t have a poll on your site? Naughty naughty. Head on over to and get your free poll up and running in 5 minutes. Whenever you send out a newsletter, changerepparttar 124336 poll and includerepparttar 124337 results ofrepparttar 124338 last poll in your newsletter. Use something like this:

The last poll question was "What type of content would you like to see more of on". There were a total of 149 votes. The results are shown below:

- Articles: 58 votes or 39% - Book Reviews: 11 votes or 7% - Product Reviews: 13 votes or 9% - Interviews: 14 votes or 9% - Case Studies: 33 votes or 22% - Sample Books Chapters: 20 votes or 13%

The poll forrepparttar 124339 first half of February 2002 is sure to start some raving and ranting and is entitled "Inrepparttar 124340 Netscape sues Microsoft case, who are you rallying for?". It's ready for your vote right now. Visit to vote.

Notice how I’ve mentionedrepparttar 124341 details ofrepparttar 124342 current poll and have givenrepparttar 124343 user a reason to re-visit my site to vote again? I do this in different ways throughout my entire newsletter.

Add your personality torepparttar 124344 newsletter by addressing your readers and letting them know that you’re there if they ever need anything. In my newsletter I publishrepparttar 124345 first half, and my newsletter manager Todd publishesrepparttar 124346 rest. Here’s what I usually write to cap off my half:

Well guys, that's my two cents worth for these past two weeks at If you've got any questions or suggestions, please email or post them in our forums.

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but think about what would happen if I left it out. In my experiences, visitors like to know that there’s a real person writingrepparttar 124347 newsletter and that it’s not compiled by some super computer onrepparttar 124348 other side ofrepparttar 124349 world. I also writerepparttar 124350 newsletter for my other site, TechBuy, where I always (without a doubt) include a personal message to our readers.

Include unique content that they can’t find anywhere else. In my newsletter I always include a “hot tips” section that lists five hot tips that users can benefit from immediately. Depending on your target audience, you could include simple tips such as this (I run a programming related site, therefore I publish tips on how to program effectively):

In C# you can place code within a checked block to haverepparttar 124351 C# compiler throw an exception if any overflow occurs when casting one data type to another.

Or, you can include more advanced tips like this:

In ASP you can userepparttar 124352 DateDiff function to work outrepparttar 124353 difference between dates in terms of either days, weeks, months, years, etc. To getrepparttar 124354 number of days between Jan 1st 2001 and Dec 31st 2002, use it like this:

Dim oldDate Dim newDate oldDate = "01/01/2001" newDate = "31/12/2002" Response.Write DateDiff("D", oldDate, newDate)

These tips are unique to my newsletter and I always sit down for at least an hour to plan these tips. Sure, they’re only a couple of lines long each, but when a visitor finds a tip that helps them out, then I can be guaranteed that they will be on my site quicker that I can say “boo”.

Another great (although time consuming) method to add value to your newsletter is to include a "newsletter only" article with every issue. Take 2-3 hours a week and write a 1,000-2,000 word article that you include exclusively with your newsletter. Mention this on your newsletter signup form and watch your subscriptions soar.

What kind of content should you include in this article? Well, include content that relates to some ofrepparttar 124355 more popular articles listed on your site, you know,repparttar 124356 ones that visitors have emailed you about saying how they’ve helped them accomplish a certain task, etc. Your visitors will love this article because it’s an additional bonus that no one gets but them.

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