Are All The Free Things In Life Best? Not On Your Net, They're Not!

Written by Roger J. Burke

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The best things in life may be free, butrepparttar 113275 headline above brings into focus a pervasive and invasive trend onrepparttar 113276 web.

We all know what free means; I shouldn't have to drag out a dictionary definition to spell it out (no pun intended). It looks like, however, thatrepparttar 113277 generally accepted meaning is being twisted into something that's not quite free.

Let me explain...

You're at a website and you find a free e-book you clickrepparttar 113278 link and up pops another annoying box asking you to send a viral email to some of your friends or associates; or...

You want to subscribe to a free ezine, so you click again...but, again another popup box, please send a viral email to your friends; or...

You're offered a free trial of a piece of software, but before you can get it, there it is again...another box soliciting a viral email to your friends.

So...what's wrong with all that, you ask? Let me answer that with a question: When that telemarketer offered you a free trip to Florida, for a week, and all you had to do was listen to a sales pitch for land, what did you do? It's don't have to answer that.


Written by Joan Bramsch

Here's some good FREE stuff for you from Joan with love. :)

1. If you have a Scout who will soon be an Eagle, you can have a congratulatory letter sent fromrepparttar President. Send name and address andrepparttar 113273 reason to: The Greeting Office, The White House Washington DC 20500

You can also get birthday greetings for 100 year olds.

2. Children can get free film and lots of other free camera stuff: Wolf Camera Wolfpack Club 1-888-644-9653

3. You can get free grease remover by calling: 1-800-610-5907

4. To find out secret car warranties (these arerepparttar 113274 onesrepparttar 113275 car makers don't talk about, but use rather than recall a gazillion cars, visit:

5. To bid on lost luggage and contents, visit:

6. Did you know you can borrow videos and slide shows FREE except for return postage fromrepparttar 113276 National Gallery of Art. For a catalog, visit:

7. FREE firewood. To learn what national park nearest you is offering wood, write to: F.W.#559, Forest Service, Box 2417, Washington, DC 20013

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