Appreciating Your Core Golf Strength Will Improve Your Game

Written by Mike Pedersen

The core golf strength, unknown to many enthusiasts ofrepparttar game isrepparttar 144595 conditioning and strengthening ofrepparttar 144596 muscles in your body, which you use to play golf. The weaker and unprepared this core golf strength is,repparttar 144597 weaker your game of golf will be.

But let us explain why this should berepparttar 144598 core golf strength of any player, whether amateur or professional. The game of golf involves extremely unnatural movements forrepparttar 144599 human body.

This is one ofrepparttar 144600 reasons whyrepparttar 144601 golf swing is so difficult to master. It is simply because even as you try you best to get your swing right,repparttar 144602 natural; tendencies of your body andrepparttar 144603 muscles is against your efforts.

It therefore makes a lot of sense to exercise and condition those muscles because as you strengthen them to deal withrepparttar 144604 golf swing for example,repparttar 144605 movement will come more naturally to you. The inevitable result is that your golf game will improve dramatically.

And it will all be because of your respect forrepparttar 144606 core golf strength. Many golfers believe thatrepparttar 144607 core golf strength is something else. Maybe swing technique, or even experience.

How The Risk Of ‘Golfer Elbow Injury’ Can Be Reduced

Written by Mike Pedersen

A golfer elbow injury has got to be one ofrepparttar most dreaded injuries on any golf course.

And it is not too difficult to figure out why. To begin with a golfer elbow injury will usually take a long time to heal properly and quite often recurs shortly after a golfer gets back torepparttar 144594 course. Golfer elbow injury is very similar to tennis elbow, which tennis players equally dread.

It isrepparttar 144595 sort of injury where a doctor will prescribe total rest well away fromrepparttar 144596 course. For many a keen golfer, this may be even more punishment thanrepparttar 144597 nagging, and often sharp pain fromrepparttar 144598 golfer elbow injury.

The reason why a golfer elbow injury takes so long to heal and in some cases may never really go away, is because it isrepparttar 144599 sort of injury that involves a joint. Usually injuries on joints are troublesome. One ofrepparttar 144600 reasons is that it is difficult to rest a joint completely and one ends up usingrepparttar 144601 muscles whenever they make any slight movement.

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