Application Forms - Selling Yourself

Written by Stephen Richards

* On Top Form Whereasrepparttar resume or curriculum vitae is quite rightly your own personal advertisement.

The application for tries to take away your ability to tellrepparttar 145942 employer what you would like them to know and replace it with what they want know about you.

To be fair,repparttar 145943 employer may just want to have a level playing field, unfortunately very few of them know much aboutrepparttar 145944 layout of Application Forms andrepparttar 145945 effect that a bad form can have onrepparttar 145946 applicant.

With that in mind many people will make mistakes on Application Forms or will not providerepparttar 145947 information that has been requested.

So, lets take this in a methodical way and reducerepparttar 145948 chances of making a mistake.

* Step by Step - Follow this easy guide.

1) If possible make 2 or 3 photocopies ofrepparttar 145949 Application Forms.

2) Readrepparttar 145950 questions onrepparttar 145951 Application Forms carefully, most ofrepparttar 145952 questions will be straight forward, but some of them may be badly worded.

3) Using a pencil and one ofrepparttar 145953 copies, completerepparttar 145954 standard bits ofrepparttar 145955 Application Forms, name, address, date of birth etc.

4) Whenever you are required to provide employers or previous details, dates of employment and job titles, use your resume as a guide so you don't forget anything.

Telephone Technique

Written by Stephen Richards

*Onrepparttar phone As much as most of us userepparttar 145941 telephone each day, when there is a serious purpose for using it many people freeze.

This is usually just nerves andrepparttar 145942 best way to overcome nerves is to do what you fear.

I'm reminded of what a good friend of mine once told me about fear, you may have heard this yourself; fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. That is to say that inrepparttar 145943 main when we have a fear of something, that fear is usually irrational.

Anyway, lets look at when and how to userepparttar 145944 phone for job search.

Here are a few occasions when you are likely to userepparttar 145945 phone when looking for work:-

Whenrepparttar 145946 advert requests you call for more information. To phone for an application form. When you need to obtain information about a company. To accept a job.

There are dozens of other reasons but no matterrepparttar 145947 reasonrepparttar 145948 end benefit is to get a job.

Withrepparttar 145949 end benefit in mind you need to make your approach methodical and professional.

*Case Study Imagine you have seen an advertisement in a local paper:-

----------------------------------------------------------------- Leading Pharmaceutical Company Requires a Sales Manager with 1 - 3 years previous experience to work an established regional area. For an informal discussion call Holly Wilson at Barnes Big Pills 0568 45633225 -----------------------------------------------------------------

I've seen plenty of similar adverts and during my time helping people with their job search technique. We would often end up using an advert like this as a starting point for role play.

You know it's really surprising how many people would make a call alongrepparttar 145950 lines of:-

"Hi, I'm calling aboutrepparttar 145951 ad inrepparttar 145952 paper for a Sales Manager, can you tell me whatrepparttar 145953 salary is please?"

Plenty of people don't see anything wrong with that, but if you take time to think about it there's a lot that could be better.

*A better Approach Lets take a closer look, first of all, this caller doesn't even know if they are talking torepparttar 145954 right person.

Next, they may have advertised in more that one paper.

Then, they may be advertising for more than one Sales Manager.

But most importantly, you don't sound interested inrepparttar 145955 company, just inrepparttar 145956 money.

It really would pay to take a few minutes to think out what you want to do, and say, maybe even make a few notes and there are a few other things that might help.

Take a closer look atrepparttar 145957 advert, it be worth finding out a few things aboutrepparttar 145958 company, so you could look up "Barnes Big Pills" atrepparttar 145959 library or onrepparttar 145960 internet.

Once you have looked them up and know a bit about them you might have a better idea about what they want, how big they are etc.

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