Apologize for what?

Written by Terry Dashner

Apologize for What…

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Why should we apologize for being America?

Capitol Reader Political Book Summaries writes in review of T.R. Reid’s book entitled, The United States of Europe: The New Superpower andrepparttar End of American Supremacy. “The rise of a united Europe is one ofrepparttar 105755 great geopolitical events of our time. The nations of this diverse and once fractious continent are pulling together to create a common economic system, currency and social identity. The European Union now eclipsesrepparttar 105756 United States in terms of population, economic output and it isrepparttar 105757 largest consumer market inrepparttar 105758 world. In short,repparttar 105759 European Union is fast becoming a superpower capable of rivalingrepparttar 105760 United States on every measure, except militarily.

“The emergence ofrepparttar 105761 European Union as a major global force has gone largely unnoticed byrepparttar 105762 American public. Most Americans do not realize, for instance,repparttar 105763 sheer number of products and services they purchase which are made or controlled by European concerns. With America’s huge account and trade deficits, Europe is essentially lending America money to buy European products. This arrangement offers something for both sides, but America’s lack of fiscal responsibility is reflected inrepparttar 105764 rise ofrepparttar 105765 euro versusrepparttar 105766 dollar. The euro is poised to replacerepparttar 105767 dollar asrepparttar 105768 world’s currency of choice. A unified Europe is becoming an economic powerhouse that is increasingly settingrepparttar 105769 rules of global commerce. The sooner America wakes us to this fact,repparttar 105770 better for all concerned.”

America isn’t sleeping, she’s at war withrepparttar 105771 extremists thatrepparttar 105772 European Union, save Britain, has refused to act against militarily. America could set back and count her money too if somebody else fought her battles and funded militaries, comparable to hers, which are capable of policingrepparttar 105773 whole world against terrorists. Pardon me for being pro America—of course that’s what Europeans detest about me to begin with—but I must demur. America is notrepparttar 105774 bad guy, norrepparttar 105775 school-yard bully. America is ordained and carrying out her world calling. Let me explain.

America was founded onrepparttar 105776 principle of freedom. Her early settlers were religious refugees seeking freedom from religious tyranny. They were willing to die forrepparttar 105777 liberties they were denied in Europe. Many ofrepparttar 105778 brave and bold men, women and children died from exposure, disease, starvation, and evenrepparttar 105779 hostile actions byrepparttar 105780 indigenous peoples. This desire for liberty, freedom, and non-governmental sponsorship of one religion over another is still in our blood. And America, as she has proven inrepparttar 105781 past and demonstrates today, will go to war anywhere inrepparttar 105782 world to uphold these precious principles. Without apologies I might add.

Ifrepparttar 105783 European Union thinks she can lecture America for being jingoistic or gun totting cowboys then she is guilty ofrepparttar 105784 very patronizing she is using to shame us. The European Union can not denounce America for being war dogs and then itself refuse to acknowledgerepparttar 105785 immorality in her camp. The European Union has failed to denounce terrorist’s organizations in Lebanon. The European Union has refused to acknowledge thatrepparttar 105786 United States—Bush administration particularly—has had some good successes in Afghanistan and Iraq (free elections). The European Union has failed to act jointly against Iran’s nuclear threat. The European Union might have its euro and trade power, but it isn’t perfect either.

Divine Right of Capital

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

We have seenrepparttar institutionalized support of Divine Kings inrepparttar 105754 last two centuries. In far earlier times these Nobles had to answer torepparttar 105755 people to a far greater extent. Marjorie Kelly isrepparttar 105756 author of The Divine Right of Capital and she is on this track or train of thought. Noam Chomsky says global corporatism andrepparttar 105757 frauds they create orrepparttar 105758 assassins in government that do their bidding while being given new technologies paid for by taxpayers isrepparttar 105759 greatest threat to life on earth. This book will endeavour to pinrepparttar 105760 tail onrepparttar 105761 real donkey. Don’t be surprised if that ‘ass’ is inrepparttar 105762 mirror. It takes about eight per cent ofrepparttar 105763 voting stock to control a company and getrepparttar 105764 bulk ofrepparttar 105765 cash or assets working for you. Why do we allow Enron, Dole and Anaconda to dictaterepparttar 105766 foreign policy while letting other cronies milkrepparttar 105767 market for all they can? Most people have not even heard aboutrepparttar 105768 Physiocrats who some scholars say wasrepparttar 105769 first economic school.

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