Apartments are good for your Health

Written by Natalie Wakefield

Work-rate, health and even personal relationships may be affected if you stay in hotel accommodation for longer than 4 nights on business. Natalie Wakefield of The Apartment Service states her case.

Business Travellers will spend significantly more to secure a seat inrepparttar First Class cabin of an aircraft andrepparttar 146257 reasons are beyond question: they can catch up on work or stretch out and relax - and besides, haven't you heard of Economy Class Syndrome? Yet when they arrive at their destination, they will often stay for several nights, weeks or even months confined withinrepparttar 146258 same four walls. "Let's call it Hotel Accommodation Syndrome."

When work takes you away from home for even longer periods - training courses, temporary or perhaps permanent relocation -repparttar 146259 situation becomes almost grave. Individuals need a lot more than simply a pillow on which to lay their tired heads, although every little helps. They need to spread out, relax, just like inrepparttar 146260 aircraft. And withrepparttar 146261 restaurant and Room Service menus exhausted, they pine forrepparttar 146262 taste of home. Arguably worse still, work begins to suffer. More time and effort is spent escaping fromrepparttar 146263 hotel room than on work, which has become disjointed and disorganised. Irritability sets in and relationships at work and at home both suffer.

The problem with hotels is that they are for sleeping in. The business traveller, especially with family, needs somewhere to sit and relax, make a snack or a meal, have a meeting or spread outrepparttar 146264 paperwork. Serviced apartments will always offer much better value-for-money compared with a hotel, if public areas are less important torepparttar 146265 guest. It is upon this cost-saving, that this very model is based. And what is good forrepparttar 146266 individual is good forrepparttar 146267 company. Today, Executive Roomspace (ERS), a market leader in short term serviced apartments, ensures that business travellers can confidently book an apartment. Specialising in stays of 1-month plus where even greater savings are possible. ERS offer properties throughout Greater London, including, Canary Wharf, Clerkenwell, Fleet Street, Kingston, Marylebone, South Kensington, The City, Twickenham, Victoria and Wimbledon as well as throughoutrepparttar 146268 Home Counties,repparttar 146269 M4 Corridor to Swindon and Bristol beyond.

Byrepparttar 146270 very nature ofrepparttar 146271 beast,repparttar 146272 flexibility required to offer something different for every client makes it difficult to meet demands for a standardised and consistent product. At Executive Roomspace (ERS) they believe they have foundrepparttar 146273 solution. Charles McCrow comments "ERS promises consistent standards together with a pledge that, should a client express dissatisfaction withrepparttar 146274 accommodation within 48 hours of arrival, alternative accommodation or a full refund will be offered - this offers complete peace of mind to both booker and agent".

The same value extends acrossrepparttar 146275 board and broadly speaking equates to a 30% saving on rates in hotels of a comparable standard. Branded apartment accommodation usually targetsrepparttar 146276 mid-market, short to medium stay clients. The accommodation you can expect is functional with achievable rates of around £65 per person per night with possible discounts for weekly or monthly stays in a one-bedroom apartment, although lower rates are possible in a studio. Atrepparttar 146277 upper end ofrepparttar 146278 market,repparttar 146279 rates will approximately double.

Make your honeymoon an everlasting experience

Written by Mansi gupta

Honeymoon isrepparttar most wonderful time of every coupleís life. It is a time to move away from allrepparttar 146256 hustle and bustle and to relax inrepparttar 146257 arms of your partner in your own world. Such a special occasion demands some planning. Planning can make your honeymoon worthwhile.

Talk amongst yourself and discuss which isrepparttar 146258 place that both of you like. If you both want to keep your honeymoon confined to your state, surely United States is a perfect place to enjoyrepparttar 146259 exclusive moments. You can opt forrepparttar 146260 breathtaking city of New York,repparttar 146261 dynamic city of Las Vegas, Chicago with its adorable summers orrepparttar 146262 ecstatic Michigan Avenue South in winters. If you are an admirer of beaches,repparttar 146263 spell bound beaches of Miami are always a perfect and open option. Honeymoons within your state are relatively less expensive than those planned abroad. Butrepparttar 146264 excitement andrepparttar 146265 exuberance isrepparttar 146266 same in bothrepparttar 146267 cases.

If you want to freak out abroad with your partner, there are several places to go. The awesome and romantic places in New England like Marthaís Vineyard, Cape Cod, Newport, Maineís seacoast and so forth have their own charm that magnetizesrepparttar 146268 honeymoon couples. Not to forget arerepparttar 146269 superlative and incredible Niagara Falls andrepparttar 146270 Great Smoky Mountains. These are some ofrepparttar 146271 evergreen honeymoon destinations that are thronged and adored byrepparttar 146272 couples. Besides your discretion also considerrepparttar 146273 weather andrepparttar 146274 climatic conditions ofrepparttar 146275 place you plan to explore. For instance inrepparttar 146276 case of extreme cold a move to a warm and cozy destination is an excellent idea.

Budget is alwaysrepparttar 146277 highest parameter to plan any thing. Just calculaterepparttar 146278 amount that you can spend on your honeymoon without a second thought. If you have a low budget, try to minimizerepparttar 146279 luxuries. For instance staying in a five star hotel, traveling through Cruise etc. can be cut down upon. You can take up an average hotel room and eatrepparttar 146280 food at a local restaurant. But donít commitrepparttar 146281 mistake of staying at your friendís or relativeís house. For that will leave you with least privacy and tremendous frustration. It is also better not to opt for a place, which is too expensive according to you for this can land you into soup.

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