Apache, Mysql

Written by Sanjib Ahmad

"Even if you are a seasoned PHP, MySQL and Apache guru,repparttar checklist below will still be helpful in your installation process."

Apache, MysQL and PHP for Windows could be a nice nice thing to have on your Windows workstation. You could try and experiment with all kinds of nice PHP and MySQL based applications right on your Windows desktop running Apache, instead of having to access a full-featured server.

Most people have Windows as their workstation and it can be sometimes difficult to switch to another operating system. So, you may have always wanted to run PHP applications on your Windows machine but wondered if it is too difficult to install or ifrepparttar 143054 hassle will be worth it.

Microsoft Great Plains: Service business customization & integration example

Written by Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains might be considered as ERP platform, ready for customization and integration. Microsoft Business Solutions partner typically does one ofrepparttar two things: specializes inrepparttar 143053 industry (in this case it goes forrepparttar 143054 nation-wide clientele) or specializes inrepparttar 143055 local or regional market. In this small article we’ll considerrepparttar 143056 specifics ofrepparttar 143057 services industry and how they could be realized in Microsoft Great Plains Industry Specifics: •Very complex pricing formulas. In services you sell something that people can not touch and so you have to adjust your pricing for each market segment/customer class or for each individual customer. You can do it, becauserepparttar 143058 nature of service is different fromrepparttar 143059 nature of manufactured goods. Naturally these business relationship with your customers are rooted inrepparttar 143060 ability ofrepparttar 143061 business owner or manager to negotiaterepparttar 143062 price and use complex promotions models •Service Uniqueness. Opposite to general products wholesale or retail – service business has very unique market niche andrepparttar 143063 way of serving its clients. The service system is outside ofrepparttar 143064 scope here, however it altersrepparttar 143065 standard way of ERP implementing. The examples could be –repparttar 143066 way you are handling customer complaints via discounting, price adjustments and issuing credit memos •Customer Self-Service. This is when customer would like to see order execution withrepparttar 143067 connection to payment info. Typically this should be enabled overrepparttar 143068 web or extranet security realm

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