Anyone can make his site popular. Not everyone will...

Written by Oksana Savaryn

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Online Search: Small Businesses Level The Playing Field

Written by Harry Hoover

Seventy percent of US households userepparttar web when shopping locally, and about 25 percent of all searches are looking for local information. As more and more households makerepparttar 137972 switch to broadband connections, this trend will continue to escalate.

Search engines have eclipsed print and TV ads asrepparttar 137973 primary way consumers find local products and services. But until now large national and international brands had a stranglehold on Internet search marketing. Only they hadrepparttar 137974 manpower or outside resources to plan and implement a multiple site, online search marketing program.

Why should your business get intorepparttar 137975 online search pay-per-click (PPC) arena? Letís dorepparttar 137976 math. A recent US Bancorp Piper Jaffray study indicates thatrepparttar 137977 average lead from a search engine costs $0.29. Yellow pages and direct mail leads cost $1.18 and $9.94 respectively. So, a search engine delivers four leads forrepparttar 137978 price of one Yellow Page lead and 34 forrepparttar 137979 cost of a single direct mail lead.

But that is not all. PPC advertising: - expands your market - targets more, higher income consumers - is measurable

Some businesses will look for ways NOT to take advantage of this opportunity. I donít have a website, they whine. How will I figure out which sites I should advertise on? How will I manage all those keywords across multiple sites?

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