Anyone Can Be a Writer...But

Written by Patricia Deere Ring

How many times have you seen it in ads, ezines, and articles? ANYONE can be a writer! Right. Butrepparttar question is do you want to read what they write? I was not always an "A" student in school or college, but I do know how to hit *spell check* onrepparttar 129704 computer or typewriter. I also know how to use a dictionary to checkrepparttar 129705 meaning of a word. Anyone ever try looking in a reference book to learn how to use commas or quotation marks properly?

There are many people inrepparttar 129706 world, especiallyrepparttar 129707 Internet world, with brilliant ideas and huge warehouses of knowledge within themselves. But not all of these people can express these ideas to others in a way that is informative and easily understood.

As a *newbie* I don't know and understand a lot about HTML, but I realized my need to learn it, so I recently checked out two different sites with free courses onrepparttar 129708 subject. The first one I looked at (I will be nice and not mentionrepparttar 129709 name!) was so technical I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag if I didn't already know how. The second site had a printable ebook (free) ofrepparttar 129710 same info that appeared onrepparttar 129711 site. Needless to say, I printed outrepparttar 129712 ebook, which was written in *everyday* language that I could understand. (You have to realize that I'mrepparttar 129713 Dummy those books were written to.) I learned more in five minutes than I thought possible.

How To Brand Yourself On a Shoestring Budget

Written by John Colanzi

Have you spent hours on end trying your best to make money onrepparttar internet and ended up empty handed? Trust me you're not alone.

I've been there myself.

After running into a brick wall for years, I've finally found what works for me.

If I were starting today and could choose one method to promote my business and to brand myself, it would be writing and submitting articles.


** It's Free promotion

** It's extremely viral

** It brands you fast

** Most marketers won't do it

Your articles are actually more than just free promotion, they're free promotion on steroids.

Think about it?

What'srepparttar 129702 main feature ofrepparttar 129703 average ezine? The featured article. Get featured in an ezine and you'rerepparttar 129704 spotlight of that issue.

Get featured in multiple ezines every week and readers will be saying, I see this name everywhere.

You're branding yourself fast and it hasn't cost you a dime.

Once you start getting your name recognized,repparttar 129705 articles will start taking on a life of their own. Have a few webmasters pick them up and you're name recognition (brand) keeps spreading.

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