Any Experience Can Change Your Life

Written by Jesse S. Somer

Any experience, even simply going to a restaurant, can create new beliefs about how you want to live your life.

I have read in many different cultural and religious texts not to take any moment in life for granted, as all experiences can be opportunities to learn about yourself andrepparttar world around you. Recently I went on a trip to Melbourne, Australia and while I was there I had two very memorable experiences, both in restaurants. I love going out to eat anyway, but these two events were both what I believe to be extraordinary, as neither had ever happened in my life previously. Let me tell you a little about what went on in this strange place we call planet Earth.

The first restaurant I went to was with my brother and was called ‘Lentil As Anything’ (, which is a play on words based on an old Australian rock band called ‘Mental As Anything’. Allrepparttar 151134 food is vegetarian, which is great for me as for seven years I have fit into this classification, although I’ve started to eat fish recently for health reasons. The thing that shocked me here was thatrepparttar 151135 menu had no prices. Onrepparttar 151136 back ofrepparttar 151137 menu wererepparttar 151138 words, ‘Pay what you feel’, thenrepparttar 151139 owners went on to tell yourepparttar 151140 ideas behind this concept. Inrepparttar 151141 same vein asrepparttar 151142 Hindu belief of karmarepparttar 151143 patron is urged to give equally in monetary value what they feelrepparttar 151144 meal is worth to them. I thinkrepparttar 151145 main idea is that they want to create a more traditional human relationship with customers instead of a purely capitalist consumerism type of connection. Much of our society has shifted to a focus onrepparttar 151146 acquisition of money as of ultimate importance, and interaction between people is relegated to being simply a ‘meaningless’ transaction.

Well you probably want to ask me, ‘How long has this restaurant existed? Do they make a profit?’ The answers are: The restaurant has been around for years, and as they have opened a second storefront in a separate location, I ‘d have to believe that they are doing just fine. I ate an entrée of breads and dips which was very tasty, followed byrepparttar 151147 best lentil burger I’ve ever had in my life (I’ve had many), and I drank a chai tea which unfortunately wasn’t very good that day. When I went to pay, a lot of questions entered my mind like, ‘How much should I pay? Should I give a lot so I’m not perceived as being a Scrooge? Could I pretend that I haven’t got much money? Do homeless people come in here to get a free meal? The realization I had after I paid was that in this age-old trading process one’s conscience is tested. You want to walk away fromrepparttar 151148 experience happy, and you would like forrepparttar 151149 restaurant owners to feel that they got their fair amount for their services. A feeling of trust, respect, and unity is given to this relationship, where you might even feel that your honor is being tested. This is altogether a very different human connection when compared to many modern fast-food ideologies that are pervading our local environment.

In my last article entitled, “The power of meals’ I emphasizedrepparttar 151150 importance of what we eat, how and whom we eat with, and evenrepparttar 151151 relevance of howrepparttar 151152 person who was cookingrepparttar 151153 food felt emotionally. In a consumer situation should any of these factors become irrelevant? Eating is one ofrepparttar 151154 few imperative actions that every human must do if they want to exist in our world. Why not makerepparttar 151155 experience as sacred as allrepparttar 151156 other important rituals and beliefs that we partake in?

The Emancipation Proclamation Lie

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The Emancipation Proclamation Lie:

Why doesrepparttar Immigration Department insist on askingrepparttar 150615 question who freedrepparttar 150616 slaves and saying it was Lincoln? Do you think Lincoln was in a position to freerepparttar 150617 slaves inrepparttar 150618 South? Perhaps he was but that was never settled in court and it wasrepparttar 150619 matter of Civil War, in part. He did not freerepparttar 150620 slaves inrepparttar 150621 North where he actually was legally entitled to make such a Proclamation. This kind of management of public perception is almost considered wise by people when they learn that it is not true. They say things like ‘We need our heroes’.

If we need to lie about liars and racists or otherwise keep our heads in dark places and eat what mushrooms eat, how will we addressrepparttar 150622 opportunities to stop fighting overrepparttar 150623 One Pie? How will we make more pies on other planets and who will own those planets or getrepparttar 150624 gene therapy to extend life to a potential of 900 years? Who thinks that sentient robots with human brain contents dumped therein (Stanford 1999) will be better workers and who will have jobs? Why work at any job that can be done by a robot? Has our education system been creating thinkers who can createrepparttar 150625 vast potential inherent in new technology and space colonization?

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