Anti Spam Fanatics ARE RUINING YOUR Business!

Written by Laurie Rogers

Anti Spam Fanatics ARE RUINING YOUR Business! by Laurie Rogers

Many marketers online are seriously doubting that "Anti- Spam Fanatics" are ruining thier businesses. I have a bit of news for you, IF YOU currently hold that "mindset", it is time for a rude awakening! Not only are they killing newsletters and ezines with a variety of filtering software programs, they're also black listing domains, ISP's and web hosts.

Don't think so you say? Check out a few of these sites: or or this Better yet, go to a search engine type in "Spam Filters" you will be amazed at how many listings there are. Now what exactly do these sites do?

They collect Domain, Hosting and ISP information and BLACKLIST it. For instance, if a domain, ISP or hosting company has a lot of "spammers" as clients, they'll then put that company on a "Blacklist". So that ANY person (guilty or innocent) using that ISP, Domain or Web Host can NOT send any email what so ever to certain parties.

Now incase you didn't get that, I'll explain it in a simpler form. Let's say you own domain and you are trying to send an email to, BUT uses M.A.P.S ( ) to block out any "spammers" from reaching their clients. Now, let's say your Web Host had a few "spammers" on their servers at one point, guess what? You will NOT be able to send any email to!

The Harvesters Part 1

Written by Laurie Rogers

The Harvesters - Part 1 by Laurie Rogers Copyright 2001

Before you start reading this article, I need to clear something up. We're not talking aboutrepparttar people that gather inrepparttar 132751 fall to pick all those luscious goodies out of gardens every year! I am sorry to disappoint you, I am sure that would have made for a pretty interesting topic, and they probably do not getrepparttar 132752 credit they deserve. But I have something a lot MORE exciting to talk about. 

Today, we're going to talk about all ofrepparttar 132753 wonderful folks who LOVE to go around picking email addresses! You must know who I am talking about now? They all have nothing better to do, so they roam aroundrepparttar 132754 internet and hit every web site, ezine and newsletter, opt-in list, safe -list, discussion group or board, classified and FFA online, to gather as many email addresses as they possibly can!

You really have to give them credit, because harvesting email addresses takes talent to do, not to mention brains! I can't forrepparttar 132755 life of me imagine how stressful a "business" like that must be. "Well today was a bad day, I ONLY got 17,369 addresses". You have to feel sorry for him don't cha? He must be having a hard time graspingrepparttar 132756 concept! He'd better start learning fromrepparttar 132757 Pro's,

Attention Harvesters!

Learn how to gather 6 million email addresses in 24 hrs or  LESS. Each prized manual is FULL of inside secrets from TOP Leaders inrepparttar 132758 INDUSTRY.

*CON ton's of innocent people into buying thousands of email addresses from you EVERY day! 

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