Anthrax By AirMail!

Written by William B. Doyle

People and businesses have flocked torepparttar Internet for numerous reasons, one of them beingrepparttar 102088 speed at which we can send and receive information. Businesses like it due torepparttar 102089 cost effectiveness of reaching targeted customers very quickly, unlikerepparttar 102090 conventional mail system which can be very expensive forrepparttar 102091 direct marketer.

One ofrepparttar 102092 negatives ofrepparttar 102093 Internet continues to be viruses which can cause havoc with computers. Now we have to deal with a more frightening virus inrepparttar 102094 offline world, arriving to us at our very homes and offices viarepparttar 102095 same conventional mail systems which cause marketers to preferrepparttar 102096 Internet!

Anthrax is arriving to us by airmail!

Yikes! Now any white powdery substance is automatically causing folks to dial 911 in panic.


"Knowledge Is Power." The media is doing a great job of gettingrepparttar 102097 word out about anthrax, its history, appearance and symptoms that a victim may show.

They are also publicizing what folks need to do, step by step, upon finding something suspicious about their mail. Here's an example:


Do not shake or emptyrepparttar 102098 contents of any suspicious envelope or package.

PLACErepparttar 102099 envelope or package in a plastic bag or some other type of container to prevent leakage of contents.

If you do not have any container, then COVERrepparttar 102100 envelope or package with anything (e.g., clothing, paper, trash can, etc.) and do not remove this cover.

Then LEAVErepparttar 102101 room and CLOSErepparttar 102102 door, or section offrepparttar 102103 area to prevent others from entering (i.e., keep others away).

WASH your hands with soap and water to prevent spreading any powder (germs) to your face.


Written by Laura Quarantiello

The four airplane hijackings, which were part ofrepparttar tragic events of September 11, 2001 were not typical. These sickos were not seeking escape from political persecution, nor were they interested in money. They intended to die and to take everyone else with them. Based on available information we have to conclude that there was nothing those poor passengers could have done to save themselves. They were doomed fromrepparttar 102087 beginning.

In a "normal" hijacking, however, passengers at least have some chance of survival. And following can increase that a few guidelines:

First, do your best to remain calm, and encourage those around you to dorepparttar 102088 same. The hijackers are probably extremely nervous and scared, so comply with whatever they tell you to do. Do nothing to draw attention to yourself. You want to be just another face inrepparttar 102089 crowd. Do not attempt to hide your passport or your valuables.

If one ofrepparttar 102090 hijackers speaks to you, reply in a calm, normal Voice. Passrepparttar 102091 time by unobtrusively taking mental notes onrepparttar 102092 characteristics and behavior ofrepparttar 102093 hijackers. Give each one a nickname. Notice their manner of dress, facial features, mannerisms and temperament (but don't be obvious aboutrepparttar 102094 interest you are taking in them.) If you or a nearby passenger is in need of assistance due to illness or other discomfort, ask a member ofrepparttar 102095 crew for assistance first. Do not attempt to approachrepparttar 102096 hijackers unless they have already rendered assistance to another passenger. If you are singled out be responsive but do not volunteer information.

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