Answers Count - Matching Keyword and Phrase Density

Written by Don Osborne

What’s more important to your business success -repparttar question orrepparttar 145801 answer? Certainly, you want your questions to reflect what you are trying to find out. Obviously, your questions should be easily understood. Most definitely, you’re hoping for some positive responses. But, what you really need to do is count repetitive keywords and phrases found in your respondents answers.

If you agree withrepparttar 145802 philosophy about how people tend to buy fromrepparttar 145803 perspective of avoiding pain and moving towards pleasure, you know how important it is to your market research, product development and sales strategy to ask good questions and listen very closely torepparttar 145804 answers.

Open-ended answers are made up ofrepparttar 145805 words respondents have chosen to tell you how they feel about something. You need to analyzerepparttar 145806 answers to open-ended questions for repetitive keywords and phrases that match those of your current or future products and services. The greaterrepparttar 145807 density ofrepparttar 145808 keyword and phrase matchesrepparttar 145809 higherrepparttar 145810 probability of building your opt-in list or making a sale.

Why Google Indexing requires a complex blend of skills

Written by John Fowler

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. Getting a company’s name and

products, or services, ontorepparttar first page of a genuine Google search isn’t a

trivial piece of work. In fact, there are four distinct skills that a search

engine optimiser needs to possess. Most people possess one or maybe two of these

skills, very rarely do people posses all four. In truth, to get to all four,

people who are good at two of these need to actively developrepparttar 145800 other skills.

Now, if you are running your own business, do you really haverepparttar 145801 time to do

this? Is thisrepparttar 145802 best use of your time?

Specificallyrepparttar 145803 four skills needed for SEO work are: Web Design – producing a visually attractive page HTML coding - developing Search Engine friendly coding that sits behindrepparttar 145804 web

design Copy writing – producingrepparttar 145805 actual readable text onrepparttar 145806 page Marketing – what arerepparttar 145807 actual searches that are being used, what key words

actually get more business for your company?

Many website designers produce more and more eye-catching designs with animations

and clever rollover buttons hoping to enticerepparttar 145808 people onto their sites. This

isrepparttar 145809 first big mistake; using designs like these will actually decrease your

chances of a high Google rating. Yes, that’s right; all that money you have paid

forrepparttar 145810 website design could be wasted because no-one will ever find your site.

The reason for this is that before you get people to your site you need to get

the spiderbots to like your site. Spiderbots are pieces of software used byrepparttar 145811

search engine companies to trawlrepparttar 145812 Internet looking at allrepparttar 145813 websites, and

then having reviewedrepparttar 145814 sites, they use complex algorithms to rankrepparttar 145815 sites.

Some ofrepparttar 145816 complex techniques used by web designers cannot be trawled by

spiderbots. They come to your site, look atrepparttar 145817 HTML code and exit stage right,

without even bothering to rank your site. So, you will not be found on any

meaningful search.

I am amazed how many times I look at websites and I immediately know they are a

waste of money. The trouble is that bothrepparttar 145818 web designers andrepparttar 145819 company that

paidrepparttar 145820 money really do not want to know this. In fact, I have stopped playing

the messenger of bad news (too many shootings!); I now work roundrepparttar 145821 problem.

So, optimising a website to be Google friendly is often a compromise between a

visually attractive site and an easy to find site.

The second skill is that of optimisingrepparttar 145822 actual HTML code to be spiderbot

friendly. I put this as different torepparttar 145823 web design because you really do need

to be “down and dirty” inrepparttar 145824 code rather than using an editor like FrontPage,

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