Another Look At Evolution

Written by TrysDan Roberts

The Sinking Of Noah's Ark

The following is an excerpt from The Sinking Of Noah's Ark - a novel that examines humanity's past, present and future.

As a child, Noah was taught that when one dies, there is a long tunnel with a brilliant light atrepparttar end of it. No one knows what happens when you go throughrepparttar 132563 light, but it is assumed heaven is on theother side. Noah imagined that it was a place much like McDonalds Playland. Asrepparttar 132564 years went by, he realized it was unlikely that Mayor McCheese and Grimace were onrepparttar 132565 other side waiting to embrace him.

Where Noah actually ended up was as far fromrepparttar 132566 glorious afterlife as one can get. His last memory as he toppled downrepparttar 132567 hill was shielding his eyes, with no final thoughts or regrets, just darkness. When he uncovered hiseyes, he found himself inrepparttar 132568 last state he expected to be in - alive.

After a brief period of confusion, Noah managed to pull himself together. He looked around to find himself in a foreign room. Upon careful examination of his surroundings, he realized that it was a courtroom.

He was not familiar withrepparttar 132569 courtroom, as it lacked any features identifying it with any known justice system. There were no flags of countries, no pictures of presidents or monarchs. Except for a luminous coat of faded gray paint,repparttar 132570 walls were completely bare. When studyingrepparttar 132571 walls, he could have sworn there was white trying to force its way through.

Noah discovered that he was sitting inrepparttar 132572 witness chair. It was wooden,with a red velvet-cushioned seat. Torepparttar 132573 left of his seat wasrepparttar 132574 jury box, but no jurors were present. The judges bench was located to his immediate right,but no judge presided. In front ofrepparttar 132575 judges box was eitherrepparttar 132576 defense or prosecutors table and it too was empty. Directly in front of him, he noticed another table, which he also believed to be eitherrepparttar 132577 prosecutor or defense table. The only difference here wasrepparttar 132578 presence of a man seated atrepparttar 132579 table,looking down at a pile of papers.

What was so startling aboutrepparttar 132580 man was that Noah was sure he was not there when he first opened his eyes. After a moment of dreadful silence,repparttar 132581 man proceeded to push his chair out, stand, and slowly walk toward him. As each shoe scuffedrepparttar 132582 bare wooden floor, a low, intense echo was released. A shifty smile materialized.

The stranger was wearing a long black robe, completed by a pair of shiny, black shoes. His hair, jet black and combed back on his head, revealed a distinct receding hairline. His facial features looked as if they had been perfectly chiseled from fine stone. There were few signs of aging, but Noah guessed byrepparttar 132583 distinguished aura surrounding him that he was about fifty.

Asrepparttar 132584 man approached, his eyes grabbed hold of Noahs eyes. He had never seen eyes so dark before. They were as black as coal. When looking into them, it was as though he was looking at nothing;repparttar 132585 darkness stretched on forever. Noah could not speak. He could only stare foolishly at his menacing smile.

Shoes Gone Astray

Written by David Leonhardt

Dorothy lost hers. I forgot mine. My wife broke hers. I speak of shoes, of course.

So why are we all smiling?

Dorothy is that sweet little girl who broke in that bustin' bronco of a tornado, landing in Oz and inheriting magic ruby slippers from a dead wicked witch.

For most people,repparttar story ends when Dorothy loses her precious slippers somewhere overrepparttar 132562 scorching desert that surrounds Oz ... much like a Congressman loses his power when he flies out of Washington and crosses overrepparttar 132563 gridlock onrepparttar 132564 scorching mid-summer Beltway.

Just as a Congressman is bound to return to Washington sooner or later, Dorothy actually does return to Oz many times. In fact, there are dozens more books inrepparttar 132565 Oz series featuring hundreds of almost unknown characters.

With or withoutrepparttar 132566 power of her ruby slippers, Dorothy makes her way back to enjoy a multitude of unbelievable adventures with her favorite misfits.

Shoe lesson number one. When you lose your shoes, improvise.

I discovered my shoes were missing also while flying high inrepparttar 132567 sky.

Back in my days as a consumer advocate, I was on my way to deliver a speech in Newfoundland, sharingrepparttar 132568 lectern withrepparttar 132569 Newfoundland Minister of Transportation.

Sitting comfortably inrepparttar 132570 airplane seat, my mind was bobbing aimlessly on an ocean of emptiness. Suddenly I broke out in a cold sweat as I realized I had forgotten my dress shoes at home. In fact, they were waiting faithfully byrepparttar 132571 front door, ready to greet me upon my return.

In a matter of seconds I torpedoed through one thought afterrepparttar 132572 other:

Yikes! I'm wearing running shoes for an important speech.

I know, I can buy a new pair when I land.

Too late;repparttar 132573 stores are already closed.

What about inrepparttar 132574 morning?

No, tomorrow is Sunday and my speech is scheduled for 9:00 a.m.

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