Another 15 ways to kick your sales into high gear

Written by Terry Telford

Inrepparttar last article, we reviewed 15 ways to kick your sales into high gear. This article covers another 15 FREE and almost FREE techniques to dorepparttar 127335 same. Use all 30 effective techniques and watch your sales skyrocket!

16. Offer a discounted product. Discounted products attract tons of traffic. Take one of your best selling products and slashrepparttar 127336 price as low as you can and still make a small profit. Your smaller profit will be offset with a larger volume of sales. Even if you don't make a lot of money on this one off promotion, you introduce more people to your products and services and can contact them later to make more profitable sales.

17. Give your product away! Although it sounds crazy at first, it makes a lot of sense. The best example of this technique is used inrepparttar 127337 software industry. Adobe Acrobat Reader, Win Zip, and Group Mail all give away a free version of their software. After you have usedrepparttar 127338 product and have a good feel forrepparttar 127339 'inner workings,' you probably want to upgrade to a more deluxe version. Your upgrade is whererepparttar 127340 company makes money.

18. Re-mail. Send your list a second chance offer by re-mailing them. Statistics show that your same offer that you mail today, will achieve approximately 70% of its original success onrepparttar 127341 second mailing. Remember, it takes an average of seven impressions before your prospects actually make a purchase.

19. Numbers and bullets. Make a list of features and benefits and list this in your sales literature. It is much quicker for a prospect to scan a list that is numbered or listed with bullet points, than it is to read a paragraph of text.

20. Promotion warning. Give your customers an advanced warning about upcoming promotions. This creates a demand for your promotion even before it is released. You also create a feeling of goodwill from your customers because you have shown them that they are important.

21. Ask for referrals. The best type of advertising is word of mouth. Place a referral form on your site where customers can give you their friend's names and email addresses. In return, you will give your customer a special bonus and send an email to their friends on their behalf. The email you send must include a very special offer and refer torepparttar 127342 customer that gave you repparttar 127343 contact.

22. Rename things. Give standard items a new name and prospects will respond. If you ask a prospect to subscribe to your online magazine, or digital magazine, your subscriber rate will increase faster than referring to your publication as an ezine.

6 Powerful Prospecting Tips

Written by John Boe

Sales is a contact sport and prospecting for new business isrepparttar name ofrepparttar 127334 game! You will never meet a salesperson that failed because they had too many prospects to talk to. Forrepparttar 127335 majority of salespeople, finding new customers is without a doubtrepparttar 127336 most difficult and stressful aspect ofrepparttar 127337 profession. Prospecting should be viewed more as a mindset rather than merely as an activity. It is something you need to be constantly aware of because you never know where your next prospect will be coming from. It really doesnít matter how competent you are or how well you know your product line, if you donít have a qualified prospect in front of you, you donít have a sale.

1. Prospecting for new business is similar to working out. You know it is good for you and it will produce positive results if you do it routinely. Professional salespeople prospect daily. It is important to block-off specific time on your calendar for prospecting activities such as phone calling and emailing. Treat your prospecting time withrepparttar 127338 same respect as you would any other important appointment, otherwise, there is a tendency that it will slip throughrepparttar 127339 cracks. This is notrepparttar 127340 time to check your emails, play solitaire onrepparttar 127341 computer, make a personal phone call or chat with your associates. Stay focused and take your prospecting seriously. Setrepparttar 127342 tone by closing your office door and have your incoming calls held unless it is a call from a client or a prospect.

2. Be prepared, get organized and take good notes. It is critical to have a computerized contact system to record remarks and suspense future contacts or appointments.

3. Use a script - don't shoot fromrepparttar 127343 hip. There is only one thing worse than listening to a salesperson read a script overrepparttar 127344 phone and that is to listen to a salesperson without a script. Obviously, it is important to not only have a script but to practice it until it sounds smooth and natural. Set aside time to role-play with an associate overrepparttar 127345 phone. By taking turns presenting and critiquing you will gain confidence, polish your script and be more effective. When prospecting, avoidrepparttar 127346 temptation to sell overrepparttar 127347 phone. Your objective is to gather information and makerepparttar 127348 appointment.

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