Another 10 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

Written by Kim Standerline

Many people who start off with underlying back weakness go through repeated bouts of back pain. This is usually because of a combination of poor posture andrepparttar excessive stresses they place on their back.

We know different positions and loads affect our back and can lead to back problems but we can teach ourselves how to minimise those stresses.

How we sit and stand is extremely important and it can really affect our ability to cope with back pain.

My Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

Standing upright with head facing forward, keeping our back straight and avoiding slouching goes a long way towards minimising back problems.

At work if you're working at a bench ensure it is high enough for you to stand with a comfortable working posture and more importantly you can stand upright.

If working at a desk, it should be of adequate height with plenty of leg space so you are close enough to sit upright and work comfortably. There should also be enough room beneathrepparttar 146839 work surface so you can get close enough to your work without having to bend forward and allowing plenty of room for your legs and feet.

Try to move about as much as possible, as sitting in one position for long periods of time can cause aching, stiffness and back pain. If sitting at a desk for long periods of time, invest in a good chair which has good lumber support and assists you in sitting upright.

Headache Facts

Written by je Dunn

FACT: Headaches Affect Nearly 90% of Men and 95% of Women. All kinds of pains are bad. But there is nothing as mentally exhausting as a headache.

It affects our well-being, our productivity and even our social existence. After a headache we feel mentally drained and physically exhausted. But then we come torepparttar interesting question, should a bad headache keep a good man down? To find a solution to this question, it is important that we understand more about headaches.

Headaches are of different types. They can be identified as headaches due to migraine, sinus and tension.Now these headaches are very different but they do affectrepparttar 146827 same part that isrepparttar 146828 head in general.So if we understand more about them we can reach an interesting conclusion.

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