Announce It- or Not!

Written by Terri Seymour

Having an online business means that you need to find as many free or very affordable ways of advertising and promoting that business as possible. Fortunately, there are many such ways of advertising online. Some ofrepparttar experts and Newbies have debated which ways were effective and which ways were not. One ofrepparttar 125038 ways said by some to be a waste of time is Announcement Lists.

Now I agree that announcement lists are not one ofrepparttar 125039 Power-Packed methods of promoting your ezine or business but for a few minutes work a day for a couple weeks a month, you can pick up a few contacts, customers, or subscribers. That doesn't sound too bad.

I have found that announcing to these lists will be a confusing and lost task if you do not set up a system for managing your lists and submissions. The first step is to subscribe to several ofrepparttar 125040 better lists. Some ofrepparttar 125041 lists will be loaded with junk ads and/or spam. You want to findrepparttar 125042 lists that are for posting ezine and website ads. There are several lists that are for posting home biz opps and work at home jobs, but I found those to be too filled with junk ads.

Here are a few that I have subscribed to: (new one)

Here are some for your website

5 Handy Dandy Ways to Promote Your Website

Written by Lisa M. Cope

Promoting your website can be very costly to sayrepparttar least. But it doesn't have to cost thousands to build a successful online business. It just takes a bit of time and a lot of ingenuity.

Here are 5 clever and cost effective ways you can boost your visitor counts and your hopefully your bank accounts!

1.Cross Promoting Can Increases Profits.

This is how it's done. Find other businesses that haverepparttar 125037 same target market, but that are not direct competitors. Then propose a partnership. There are many ways to find prospective partners.

Subscribe to ezines, join discussion groups, forums and newsgroups that share your target market.You can also search in search engines and directories to find businesses that target your market.

Let your contact list and subscribers know that you are interested in cross promoting your products and services Post it on your Web site. Don't be shy!

There are many benefits to cross promoting. You will save money on advertising and marketing costs. It can save you time, work, help you get new referrals, customers plus access to new products and services.

2. Linking with a Twist.

It is important to get other sites to link to yours. It increases your popularity even your rankings. You can put a links page on your site but getting people to link to you with out some incentive is a different story. But if you add this little twist your sure to getrepparttar 125038 links.

Create a directory of websites on a specific topic. Give peoplerepparttar 125039 option of addingrepparttar 125040 directory to their web site by linking to it. Put your business advertisement atrepparttar 125041 top ofrepparttar 125042 directory. This technique will give people a reason to link to your site by giving them added content for their visitors and it will get you free advertising.

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