Animal Ethics

Written by Jon Dunkerley

Animal Ethics By Jon Dunkerley


A long time ago, before evolution turnedrepparttar primate intorepparttar 136161 businessman carrying a brief case,repparttar 136162 topic of ethical considerations concerning animals was as talked about as an episode of Barney at a dog trainer’s convention. Why is this? I believe that this is because nobody bothered to decide to giverepparttar 136163 issue any thought. And how could they? Back inrepparttar 136164 day ofrepparttar 136165 cave man, people spent their days’ hunting, and looking after family. Whatever animals they owned were used for hunting purposes, or food. Today we as society still use animals for hunting and food purposes, however I am sure that we have a more animalistic view now thanrepparttar 136166 cave man did back years ago. Overrepparttar 136167 years, as we have evolved into what we are today, ethical and principle considerations have evolved right along with us. What I can not understand, is why it took so long for people to start consideringrepparttar 136168 feelings of animals! In today’s society, many animals are abused, neglected and tortured in various hideous ways. Back inrepparttar 136169 day ofrepparttar 136170 cave man, I am sure that similar behavior took place. Is it a case of evolution installing a sense of compassion towards our animals, or is it something deeper? I do not knowrepparttar 136171 answer to this, but I do know that values and ethics are passed down from generation to generation, and it is up to us today to instill our values onrepparttar 136172 next generation so that we can continue to providerepparttar 136173 optimum environment for our animals to live in and enjoy. Inrepparttar 136174 following paper, I will analyze key ethical principles that I have, and relate them to some of society’s most talked about animal related issues. In doing this I will discuss issues from both sides ofrepparttar 136175 fence however, emphasis will be placed on my own beliefs as this is afterall a reflection paper. Some issues being discussed in this paper include: Views on service dogs, animal rights, and animal-master bond just to name a few.

Service Dogs

“Dogs that have been specially trained to assist a disabled person with certain daily tasks.” (The American Heritage Dictionary ofrepparttar 136176 English Language) This definition given byrepparttar 136177 above source isrepparttar 136178 best way that I could ever describe a service dog. Havingrepparttar 136179 ability to further one’s independence is an amazing feeling that is not felt until one is inrepparttar 136180 position to do so; yet in a lot of cases, people have a negative outlook onrepparttar 136181 use of dogs or other animals as providers and assistive partners for those who need them. I myself, am a huge service dog advocate. Being able to witness first hand what a dog can do for a disabled person has made me wonder why there are people out there who disagree withrepparttar 136182 service dog concept; however, There are people out there who simply viewrepparttar 136183 dog as “man’s best friend.” These people haverepparttar 136184 belief that a dog is a pet, and should be pampered, and not forced to be givenrepparttar 136185 responsibilities that service dogs are given. I can totally understand why these people would be against service dogs based on their own values, however what I do disagree with isrepparttar 136186 way that these people go about degradingrepparttar 136187 work put in by thousands of dedicated individuals to ensure that a successful dog/handler team is formed. Rallies againstrepparttar 136188 use of dogs for service needs are held now and again, and you can not get away from people staring or yelling “slave labor” as you pass them. What these people do not understand, is that service dogs live more productive, healthy and fulfilling lives than most family pets. Because ofrepparttar 136189 work that these dogs willing and happily perform, they are subjected to very high quality care, (e.g.) top ofrepparttar 136190 line dog food, ample exercise and against popular belief, a lot of normal doggie activity. The aim in a dog’s life is to please, and I wish those people againstrepparttar 136191 use of service dogs could be there every morning when I ask Luther if he is ready to go to work!

Animal Master Bond

The saying "dog is a man's best friend” is one that I hold a lot of respect for. First of all unconditional love from a dog to a master is incomparable to that of another human being. Second, dog's do not blab secrets that you tell them! All kidding aside,repparttar 136192 dog has and will be one of man's best comrades, because they have what we all want and need, this being an ability to put up with us, understand us better than we think they do, andrepparttar 136193 ability to make us feel better when we are sad. On a personal level, I love spending time with my dog, and would rather his company torepparttar 136194 company of most people. No he can not talk to me or give me advice on problems that I tell him about, however he is always there for me with a lick and a tail wag, letting me know in his own way that he loves me and wants to be with me. I do believe that I may have an unhealthy relationship with my dog. When spendingrepparttar 136195 majority of your day in close proximity with an animal I have found it impossible not to grow used torepparttar 136196 constence of him being there. On an ethical level, people may view this as unethical due torepparttar 136197 fact that it may look to them that I need my dog to function as a human being. This is notrepparttar 136198 case. I need my dog to assist me in day to day activity that could be performed minusrepparttar 136199 dog, however is greatly enhanced withrepparttar 136200 assistants that he provides me. Of course you will getrepparttar 136201 “oh he’s so smart,” or “Oh he is so well behaved in public,” kind of people, however others again may viewrepparttar 136202 fact thatrepparttar 136203 dog is so in tune with what I am doing as a negative. I have talked with people inrepparttar 136204 past about my dog's willingness to be with me and why he travels everywhere with me instead of lying inrepparttar 136205 corner 24 hours a day or chasing cars like normal dogs. The animal bond works two ways: them being,repparttar 136206 dog bonding torepparttar 136207 master andrepparttar 136208 master bonding torepparttar 136209 dog. I never knewrepparttar 136210 feeling of a human dog commensal relationship until I got to know my own dog, and it is a feeling that I will not trade forrepparttar 136211 world, and I would say that Luther feelsrepparttar 136212 same as I do. We both respect each other, we both know what is expected of each other, we both know what buttons to press and not to press, and we definitely know how to have fun either with each other or apart. However going back torepparttar 136213 unhealthy bonding issue, this is where I believe I may have gone wrong with my dog. By spending so much time together, we have become used to each other's company, and when we are apart, I miss him terribly and I know he feelsrepparttar 136214 same way I do. Dogs wear their emotions on their paws, and I can tell when he is stressed or upset as I'm sure he can tell if I am feeling different than normal. This said, I would not trade or relationship forrepparttar 136215 world. Luther makes my life easier, and in return, I provide him with love, a stable home, and everything else that a big slab of lab needs to enjoy his life torepparttar 136216 fullest.

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