Anger Resolution for Couples

Written by Jennifer Ottolino

Communication is a key component to maintaining a healthy and nurturing relationship. One ofrepparttar most common and damaging relationship pitfalls isrepparttar 131388 unheard problem that erodes a relationship over time.

Unfortunately, we are not taught how to get our feelings heard and our needs met without fighting with our partner. When you are spitting mad, takingrepparttar 131389 time to actually sit down and think about what is going on with you is easier said than done. Here are five STEPS that will help you get your feelings heard, your needs met, and lead to constructive problem resolution.

Set Boundaries Think before you act Express Peace Sync up and acknowledge

1) Boundaries

While you and your partner are in a good place, establish boundaries for resolving a problem. Boundaries are lines that you draw to protect yourself from behavior that you find damaging. These boundaries should be anything that either you or your partner deems destructive to your communication process. It is important to remember that this is not about consensus. If one partner has a boundary of not yelling in anger andrepparttar 131390 other partner has a boundary of no swearing, both boundaries are honored. Not breakingrepparttar 131391 ground rules you both establish for disagreements will go a long way in constructive communication.

2) Think before you act

When you find yourself getting angry or resentful toward your partner, it is easy to slip into blaming. Blaming will only lead to more hurt and anger. Now isrepparttar 131392 time to get clear about how you feel and what you need. Let's use a simplified example to demonstraterepparttar 131393 process: your partner is two hours late getting home, and hasn’t called.

Our common response when we are angry is to attack. The secondrepparttar 131394 person comes inrepparttar 131395 door,repparttar 131396 screaming starts. This accomplishes little, and will likely lead to an argument. Pretty soonrepparttar 131397 argument escalates to include any sins committed sincerepparttar 131398 beginning ofrepparttar 131399 relationship. The best option for you before you discuss this with your partner is to get clear about your feelings.

Think about how you feel, and why. Sometimes it helps to write it all out. When you first start this process, let yourself just vent. This helps dissipate some of that energy and helps you move to a place where you can focus on your feelings. Do you feel afraid, alone, unimportant or all three? Get to a place where you can use “I” statements to describe how you feel. "I feel afraid. I feel unimportant." It will probably take some time to get to a place where it is about how you feel, not whatrepparttar 131400 person did. Give yourselfrepparttar 131401 gift of taking that time.

After you’re clear about how you feel, focus on what you need. What do I need to help me feel better about this situation? How can I get my needs met? Can I meet this need myself or do I need help? "I need for people to call me when they are going to be more than 15 minutes late. "

When you feel focused and centered on your feelings and what you need, take some time to think about why you loverepparttar 131402 person. It is always helpful to remember some ofrepparttar 131403 good things a person has added to your life, and will help you come from a loving place when you express your needs.

Are you trying to create wealth in a racing car or a jalopy??

Written by Noel Peebles

It doesn't matter whetherrepparttar spark of hope within you is large or small. The right thoughts coupled withrepparttar 131385 appropriate action, every single day, will ignite that desire into a blazing inferno of determination.

Allrepparttar 131386 great men and women achievers ofrepparttar 131387 past have shared one overwhelming similarity - a burning desire to achieve their objectives.

What many don’t realize is that business opportunities are very much like cars. There are racing cars that travel at 400 miles per hour and there are jalopies that putter around . . . and there’s everything in between. Which brings me to an important question - Are you trying to create wealth with a jalopy or a racing car??

Most people are so stuck in what they’ve been doing they don’t realize that there are cars whizzing by them every second ofrepparttar 131388 day.

There are vehicles out there which are making ‘gazzillionaires’ as we speak. What is your vehicle? Is your vehicle one that is so timely, right on trend, right whererepparttar 131389 market wants it? OR are you putting all your energy and time (your most valuable commodities) into somethingrepparttar 131390 market doesn’t want?

Effective marketing is critical - supplyingrepparttar 131391 customer with what they want, when and where they want it, at a price they are prepared to pay and at a profit.

But,repparttar 131392 big question in these ever-changing times is which customers have (and will have)repparttar 131393 biggest spending capacity?

The answer; baby-boomers holdrepparttar 131394 key and timing is everything!

I would recommend that you carefully consider what you’re doing. Getrepparttar 131395 knowledge and information you need to makerepparttar 131396 right choices.

To choose your racing car look to those baby-boomers. The fact is baby-boomers (born 1945 - 1965) are reaching repparttar 131397 height of their earning and spending capacity - and there are a lot of them. Inflation should remain low due torepparttar 131398 following factors . . .

- High productivity of baby-boomers - High demand of baby-boomers - Age driven spending (influenced by low interest rates and low inflation)

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