Angel Park, Las Vegasí Heavenly Golf Course

Written by Mel Barosay

Angel Park, Las Vegasí Heavenly Golf Course

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Just 20 minutes west fromrepparttar Fabulous Las Vegas Strip,repparttar 139393 Angel Park Golf Facility, billed as "the most complete golf experience" overseesrepparttar 139394 City of Entertainment. At an unofficial elevation of 2,800 feet, some 800 or so higher thanrepparttar 139395 rest ofrepparttar 139396 city,repparttar 139397 two Arnold Palmer-designed 18-hole championship golf courses and a one-of-a-kind 12-hole lighted golf course (andrepparttar 139398 highly-acclaimed 18-hole putting course) provides a panoramic view ofrepparttar 139399 Las Vegas skyline, Sunrise Mountain,repparttar 139400 Black Mountains above Henderson andrepparttar 139401 Sheep Mountains north ofrepparttar 139402 city. Along with a full-service golf operation, it maintains an ambiance that distinctively makes it one of Las Vegas's finest.

Inrepparttar 139403 golf cart gorepparttar 139404 clubs, passingrepparttar 139405 Main Starter Hut for all courses, and traveling into a tunnel that takes golfers underneath Rampart Avenue torepparttar 139406 Mountain Course. Here,repparttar 139407 Course Starter, Joe Lombardi graciously greets all groups. Joe provides a few tips (and tricks) ofrepparttar 139408 course, includingrepparttar 139409 infamous, "all putts roll torepparttar 139410 Stratosphere", and black/white poles are 125-yard markers torepparttar 139411 center ofrepparttar 139412 green today. Althoughrepparttar 139413 Mountain Course is sandwiched between two ofrepparttar 139414 areas newest resorts, The Regent Las Vegas and Sun Coast, there is no commercial or residential development skirtingrepparttar 139415 golf course's fairways and greens. This immaculate tract makes for a very placid round of golf as you wind throughrepparttar 139416 rolling natural terrain and native vegetation.

RED ROCK - The first leg ofrepparttar 139417 journey (hole #1 through hole #5) takesrepparttar 139418 golfer inrepparttar 139419 direction of Red Rock and Spring Mountain ranges (e.g., Mt. Charleston). This stretch providesrepparttar 139420 golfer with a variety of tests to get started, including three par fours,repparttar 139421 number one handicapped and only par five onrepparttar 139422 front nine - hole #2, and a deceiving downhill par three - hole #4. To further gaugerepparttar 139423 golfers' abilities,repparttar 139424 greens are an ever-present factor torepparttar 139425 difficulty of this course. The golfer will be flirting with high stakes if he or she tries to edge-burn putts on these fast surfaces. Unlike more forgiving greens, these truly can causerepparttar 139426 golfer an extra 10-15 strokes per round if one is complacent! The greens with angular surfaces requirerepparttar 139427 utmost concentration, technique and luck to every putt. Remember when you play here, you will test your mettle againstrepparttar 139428 most intriguing putting a golfer will experience and don't forget whererepparttar 139429 Stratosphere is at all times!

Golfers who have playedrepparttar 139430 Mountain Course will point out many ofrepparttar 139431 idiosyncrasies of this gorgeous, but demanding layout. For example, takerepparttar 139432 easy looking; par three, 136-yard (fromrepparttar 139433 blues), hole #4. As you stand on this elevated tee off box, you are observing a short hole with a slightly elevated green aboverepparttar 139434 fairway. It appears as if a 100-yard club will be plenty to reachrepparttar 139435 green. But,repparttar 139436 golfer will soon discover thatrepparttar 139437 true distance here is misleading as it plays every bit as long asrepparttar 139438 scorecard reads, regardless ofrepparttar 139439 downhill shot. This is due torepparttar 139440 terrain. If you analyzerepparttar 139441 behavior of ball flight, you may come torepparttar 139442 following conclusion, "the opposite of whatrepparttar 139443 golfer thinks happens, really does happen." That is, when hittingrepparttar 139444 ball away fromrepparttar 139445 Stratosphere you are going against gravity with no exceptions to this rule, including level or downhill topography. This phenomenon requires a calculation of extra yardage intorepparttar 139446 shot and a firmer putting stroke while proceeding inrepparttar 139447 westerly direction.

Fishing on Your Pontoon Boat

Written by Thomas Holley

Fishing on your pontoon boat can be both a relaxing and fun experience. Fishing from a pontoon boat can much more enjoyable than fishing on other smaller vessels. While fishing on a pontoon boat, you are often free from worries regardingrepparttar sturdiness of your vessel, or tippingrepparttar 139392 boat over while leaning in for larger catches.

Fishing on your pontoon boat is also often much more comfortable than fishing in smaller vessels. In between catches you can relax onrepparttar 139393 deck of your pontoon boat, or go cook a few filets onrepparttar 139394 on board grill.

When you fish on your pontoon boat, you can often go out fishing forrepparttar 139395 entire day, without leaving behindrepparttar 139396 small luxuries of home, such as a refrigerator to keep your lunch, and chilled drinks, and a stove to do some minor cooking, or to cook up a catch later inrepparttar 139397 day. You can even outfit your pontoon boat with a small restroom, making it so you have no need to go back to shore until your fishing journey is complete.

The size of a pontoon boat is also ideal for group fishing outings. With a pontoon boat several people can fish off of different sides ofrepparttar 139398 boat without fear of their lines becoming entangled, or interfering with each other's fishing. Fishing with others on a pontoon boat can also help spread outrepparttar 139399 area in which you are fishing, and help make your entire fishing experience more enjoyable.

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