Andy Griffith Show Family Lessons

Written by T Frady

Although it might seem pretty corny to a lot of folks today,repparttar old Andy Griffith Show really did have a lot of common sense family values that we could learn from today.

Take for instancerepparttar 144192 episode "Bailey's Bad Boy" that guest starred Bill Bixby as a spoiled rich teenager who wanted his rich dad to bail him out of jail once he got in trouble in Mayberry. Bixby's character seesrepparttar 144193 perfect example of parenting from Andy when Taylor makes Opie stand on his own two feet and pay for a window he had broken. Too often in real life we bail our kids out of everything. You don't really do your kid a favor when you take away any chance they might have of getting a personal sense of responsibility. No matter how smallrepparttar 144194 occurrence if your child breaks something even by accident, takerepparttar 144195 time to explain torepparttar 144196 childrepparttar 144197 importance of taking responsibility forrepparttar 144198 things we do. I'm not saying you should get angry and act likerepparttar 144199 Incredible Hulk, just explain torepparttar 144200 kid that if he breaks things or makes a mess he has to clean it up, and then make sure they do.

One ofrepparttar 144201 most famous episodes of Andy Griffith wasrepparttar 144202 episode entitled "Opierepparttar 144203 Birdman". Opie accidentally kills a mother bird leaving her baby birds all alone. Andy doesn't sugar coatrepparttar 144204 situation. He doesn't yell and scream like a cat under a rocking chair either. He just simply opens a window and let's Opie hearrepparttar 144205 baby birds crying for their mother, and points out to Opierepparttar 144206 hard fact that his actions have consequences. Sometimes we shelter our kids from every type of responsibility possible, while atrepparttar 144207 same time allowing them to absorb hours of violence and sex onrepparttar 144208 TV and video games.

How to Have the Perfect Baby Boy Invitations

Written by Randy Wilson

Baby boy invitations arerepparttar first thing youíll need to sharerepparttar 144191 good news ofrepparttar 144192 new arrival with all your friends. Itís time to celebrate and baby showers arerepparttar 144193 perfect way to express love and thoughtfulness torepparttar 144194 mother and baby to be.

Perfect baby boy shower invites are essential to planning successful baby showers for a boy. Consider ordering baby shower invitations online for timesaving convenience. You can find a cute, funny, or sentimental baby boy shower invitation easily.

There are many things to consider when designing baby shower invitations for a boy: style, theme, and important baby shower information. Youíll want to include details aboutrepparttar 144195 motherís preferences, such as nursery colors and decor, and ifrepparttar 144196 mother has any specific needs. For instance, maybe sheís inherited a crib from her family, but really needs a stroller.

Also, be sure to list whererepparttar 144197 mother is registered for baby shower gifts, and if she doesn't have a baby registry, encourage her to do so.

Baby shower invitations for boys can come in all sorts of styles, ranging from playful to traditional. For a real keepsake, opt for baby shower boy invitations with a photo. Some excellent choices are a picture ofrepparttar 144198 expectant mother, or perhapsrepparttar 144199 expectant mother and father, a picture ofrepparttar 144200 newborn ifrepparttar 144201 baby shower is planned afterrepparttar 144202 birth, orrepparttar 144203 newborn and mother. Chooserepparttar 144204 one that works best for you. Scrapbookking is a popular hobby today, and your baby boy shower invitations will likely be a treasured memory forrepparttar 144205 family for years to come.

Now, what information should you include onrepparttar 144206 baby boy shower invites? After you have chosenrepparttar 144207 style forrepparttar 144208 invitations, you need to addrepparttar 144209 important details of where and when. Be sure to pick a time and place that is best forrepparttar 144210 mother.

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