Anatomy of a Business Letter

Written by Linda Elizabeth Alexander

Anatomy of a Business Letter 2002 By Linda Elizabeth Alexander

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Business letters have many purposes and recipients. Despite variations in tone and style,repparttar 109591 basic parts of a business letter remain standard throughout most business correspondence. This article outlinesrepparttar 109592 elements found in standard business letters today, in order, as well as their modern format.

1. Heading. Assuming you are using company letterhead, your full address will already be onrepparttar 109593 page. Addrepparttar 109594 date two spaces belowrepparttar 109595 last line of printed copy. If you are using blank paper, add your full address andrepparttar 109596 date in repparttar 109597 heading. Alignrepparttar 109598 heading, and all paragraphs, with repparttar 109599 left margin(which should be at least one inch wide).

Example: 21 Carson Parkway Boulder, CO 80111 December 3, 2006

2. Inside address. Includerepparttar 109600 recipient's full name, title, and address two spaces belowrepparttar 109601 date. Align it withrepparttar 109602 left margin.

Example: Conner T. Walker 2345 Sunrise Avenue Denver, CO 80555

3. Salutation. Two spaces belowrepparttar 109603 inside address, and also aligned withrepparttar 109604 left margin, place your salutation, or greeting. If you are on a first name basis withrepparttar 109605 recipient, use her/his first name followed by a colon. If you are writing a more formal letter, use a personal title (Ms., Mr., or Dr.) followed byrepparttar 109606 person's last name and a colon. Use Mr. for men, and Ms. for women. Never use Mrs. or Miss unless a woman has specifically expressed a preference. If you are not sure ifrepparttar 109607 recipient is male or female, use a salutation that is appropriate torepparttar 109608 letter context.

Examples: Mr. Yates: Ms. Dickinson: Dear Customer: Dear Publishing Manager:

4. Body The body ofrepparttar 109609 letter should begin two spaces belowrepparttar 109610 salutation; all paragraphs should be aligned torepparttar 109611 left margin. Single space within paragraphs and double space between them.

If your letter continues onto a second (or higher) page, leave at least two lines of text onrepparttar 109612 next page before repparttar 109613 closing. Do not go onto another page just forrepparttar 109614 closing; this is bad form. If necessary, changerepparttar 109615 font size or margin width to make it fit onto one page.

Guess 'WHO' Can Stop Sp^am!

Written by Jerome Dsouza

Guess 'WHO' Can Stop Sp^am!

These days there are plenty of articles onrepparttar troubling issue of sp^am...plenty of articles and plenty of feedback to these articles.

From all this tortured outpouringrepparttar 109587 general consensus seems to be that most networkers - who accept this necessary evil as an unavoidable consequence of being online - most feelrepparttar 109588 answer torepparttar 109589 problem lies inrepparttar 109590 'delete' key.

But whilerepparttar 109591 'delete' key and 'sp^am filters' (which seem to have created more problems than they have solved) are effective means to fight sp^am, these methods do not informrepparttar 109592 sp^ammer his mail is being deleted and so he/she goes about their merry task happily unaware of any reductions in their 'response rate'.

What if we could add a slight modification torepparttar 109593 'deleting and filtering'...

There is every possibility that a sp^ammer may be reaching you with a product you require. What if - in these cases - you visitrepparttar 109594 website MINUSrepparttar 109595 affiliate code, make your purchase and ifrepparttar 109596 sp^ammer's email had a contact address, thank him/her for sending yourepparttar 109597 info while also informing them how they have missed their affiliate earnings because they sp^ammed you instead of coming in like genuine and responsible networkers.

This of course will not stop all sp^am because sp^am containing affiliate links is just one small section ofrepparttar 109598 huge sp^am 'market' but as word spreads it could deal a 'death-blow' to this section atleast.

Even where other forms of sp^am are concerned,repparttar 109599 sp^ammer's email will contain keywords ofrepparttar 109600 product/service they are advertising. If this product or service is of interest those keywords could be used in any major search engine thus rewarding serious networkers who have spent time and money setting up websites, submitting them to search engines, and have been working hard for people to find them and their business.

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