Analyzing Dreams - a beginners guide

Written by Kevin Sheldrake

There are many theories as to what 'dreams' are. Doorways torepparttar subconscious, glimpses intorepparttar 122151 spirit realm, or visions ofrepparttar 122152 future - at one point or another we all probably subscribe to one or more of these theories. Personally, I believe that dreams arerepparttar 122153 ways in which our subconscious minds attempt to showrepparttar 122154 conscious thatrepparttar 122155 cold hard view ofrepparttar 122156 world we see while awake is notrepparttar 122157 only dimension of existence. The most marvellous kind of dreams are 'lucid' dreams. These occur when you realize you are dreaming, but stay inrepparttar 122158 dream. At that point you can usually start to controlrepparttar 122159 dream. This has led some researchers to think that dreams are simply random 'processes' inrepparttar 122160 mighty supercomputer that isrepparttar 122161 human brain, firing off asrepparttar 122162 system slips into 'power saver' mode!

Whatever your beliefs, you will no doubt at some time or other wonder what one of your dreams 'means'. The first thing to remember is thatrepparttar 122163 subconscious mind deals in images, not words. So try to focus onrepparttar 122164 imagery ofrepparttar 122165 dream, notrepparttar 122166 language. Nevertheless, you need to record your dreams on paper or dictaphone so you can study them later. The main problem here is that when you wake up it may take you several minutes to remember that you should be writing down your dreams, by which time, of course, they will have evaporated into thin air, so keep your pen and paper nearrepparttar 122167 bed. You may wake up inrepparttar 122168 middle ofrepparttar 122169 night, and if you don't immediately write downrepparttar 122170 dream, it will most likely vanish forever. This is what poeple who say 'I don't dream' really mean - they simply can't remember their dreams!

Once you have some raw material to work with, how do you interpret it? Interpretations of dreams are highly personal, although there are a few culture-specific symbols we all seem to share (such as 'snake' meaning sex, for example). Other symbolism may be obscure to your, but you need to remember that your subconscious is trying to show you something, and even if it is couched as a riddle, it makes sense on some level.

Say Thank you to the Cow for the Steak on your Plate

Written by Robina Hearle

Have you ever said thank-you torepparttar cow that provided you withrepparttar 122150 steak for your dinner! I expect you thinkrepparttar 122151 idea preposterous. If you were to say thank-you: torepparttar 122152 cow for its meat, milk, butter and cheese, torepparttar 122153 vegetables for their sacrifice of life so that you can live, torepparttar 122154 air, water and fire and earth for their contributions to your life – then you may have to start thinking a bit harder about yourself and your connection to earth. Saying ‘Thank-you’. We are all taught this as children, why? Just think how it feels when someone does say ‘thank-you’ for something you have done. It makes you feel good and then you are open to doing something else for that person. That person, by saying ‘thank-you’, is honouring you and what you have done, thus pavingrepparttar 122155 way for more abundance. Once you actually liverepparttar 122156 attitude of gratitude, it’s amazing what comes your way. So what have you done by saying ‘thank-you’? You have raisedrepparttar 122157 vibrational frequency ofrepparttar 122158 deed you did;repparttar 122159 steak and vegetables or fruit you have eaten orrepparttar 122160 glass of water you drank, to a spiritual one. You are working on a higher level of connection to all that is. Further, by saying ‘thank-you torepparttar 122161 cow forrepparttar 122162 steak’ we can connect with its energy—that’s a scary thought - who wants to connect with a cow? Well, my friends, it is a fact that we are connected to everything. We are not separate from other consciousnesses onrepparttar 122163 planet or fromrepparttar 122164 consciousness ofrepparttar 122165 planet herself. We inrepparttar 122166 West, technological, greedy, corrupt, consumed with self, have lost our way. The Aborigines andrepparttar 122167 Native American Indians (beforerepparttar 122168 white man destroyed their cultures) as well as other indigenous tribes, all have this close connection to earth. They have not raped and pillagedrepparttar 122169 earth; they have nurtured and cared for it as much as they can. They say thank-you torepparttar 122170 animal they have killed, thereby honouring it, also they do not take more than they need. They know that, in their gratitude they create further abundance.

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