Anabolic Hormones - A Two-Edged Sword

Written by Dr. Randy Wysong

When I was a young boy, emerging muscles wererepparttar coolest thing. If a vein popped out a little, that was even more awesome. There were no fitness centers or body building gyms to amount to anything back then (Stone Age). If you aspired to brawn, Charles Atlas paraphernalia advertised in comic books was guaranteed to help you turnrepparttar 149782 cards onrepparttar 149783 guy who kicked sand in your face onrepparttar 149784 beach last summer. Back then, muscles seemed more legitimate if you earned them from work onrepparttar 149785 farm or from other labor. Muscles from exercise were thought of as sort of “artificial”. So I did lots of farm work and construction inrepparttar 149786 summers. But leaving nothing to chance, I also cheated by building my own weight set with a pipe that I would insert intorepparttar 149787 holes of cement blocks. My dad was ofrepparttar 149788 school that I had better be careful or I could get all “muscle bound” if I exercised too much. I guess he must have worried as he saw me inrepparttar 149789 back yard hoisting my pipe with blocks dangling from each end. But I lovedrepparttar 149790 exercise and reveled inrepparttar 149791 pumped feeling in my biceps.

Sorry to sound so narcissistic. But it’srepparttar 149792 way all of us “guys” thought. We would even compare bumps onrepparttar 149793 school bus every morning and banter about who could dorepparttar 149794 most push-ups. This is not to say muscles and fitness are still not important to me, but now I focus primarily on exercise that will help me stay healthy, in shape and trained forrepparttar 149795 competitive sports I play.

I bring this up not to brag or appall you, but as a backdrop forrepparttar 149796 current situation inrepparttar 149797 sport and bodybuilding worlds. Now that society is offrepparttar 149798 farm, exercise has become a perfectly legitimate way to replacerepparttar 149799 physical activity lost with modern living. The use of hormones to forcerepparttar 149800 body to grow in a way it would never do naturally, however, is a perversion of what should be clean and healthy personal development. Anabolic hormones totally missrepparttar 149801 point of it all. The freaky bodies that can result are aberrations, yet magazines are filled with their photo spreads as if drug induced bodies are icons we should emulate and aspire to.

Aside fromrepparttar 149802 fact that only people with natural bodies and developed talents should compete in sports (otherwise drugs are competing, not athletes),repparttar 149803 real tragedy isrepparttar 149804 toll on health any hormone can take. Of allrepparttar 149805 drugs I used in medical practice, hormones scared merepparttar 149806 most. They could create dramatic and immediate results (and that is their allure), but hormone treatment continued for any length of time always seemed to come back to harmrepparttar 149807 patient and haunt me.

An example in humans isrepparttar 149808 use of testosterone patches in women to increase libido. Take them very long and although your passion may be triggered, your voice will deepen and a beard will start to grow (not so good forrepparttar 149809 libido ofrepparttar 149810 husband). Corticosteroids for allergies can result in extremely serious adrenal gland diseases, immune suppression and vulnerability to infection. In veterinary medicinerepparttar 149811 same things can happen. One situation I am reminded of that occurred many years ago was related to hormones given to dogs for birth control. Years after discontinuingrepparttar 149812 drugs, treated dogs would present to veterinarians with life threatening illness, extreme thirst and white blood cell counts offrepparttar 149813 charts. When their enlarged abdomens were surgically explored, a gigantic uterus would be found filled with pus – quarts of it! All this just because a little ole hormone was given years ago without a hint of an immediate ill effect.

You see,repparttar 149814 body is extremely wise. It is not fooled or endlessly forgiving. If you break your arm and put it in a sling,repparttar 149815 muscles don’t grow bigger, they atrophy. Why? Becauserepparttar 149816 body is also efficient. Why grow muscles or even maintain them if they are not needed? Whenrepparttar 149817 sling is removed,repparttar 149818 arm will have lost much of its strength. The body shuttled its resources into building bigger muscles inrepparttar 149819 arm that had to do double duty. It’s a very pragmatic thing. The body doesn’t pay attention to your agenda; it just does what it must to stay alive, make do and meet stress.

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