An introduction to video editing

Written by Jakob Jelling

According torepparttar definition, video editing isrepparttar 138485 process through which video images are manipulated and modified. Video editing is what allows us to remove any video section we wish, as well as add effects, transitions, accommodate sequences and rearrange any video clips or segments as we want.

Video editing is one ofrepparttar 138486 main steps inrepparttar 138487 video creation process, andrepparttar 138488 final product quality will highly depend on this step. During this process, we may cut video portions, remove them, and re sequence others in such a way thatrepparttar 138489 original video we had and its sequences would be completely different from what we have after editing it.

Non linear video editing isrepparttar 138490 type of editing used with digital formats, while linear editing wasrepparttar 138491 processor method which employed analog mechanisms. Nowadays, linear edition is hardly used while non linear isrepparttar 138492 editing mechanism mostly used. By using non linear editing, changingrepparttar 138493 order in which sequences or clips where shot can be easily done as well as any cut process is as simple as clicking onrepparttar 138494 area where we wish to cut.

Patchwork Quilters with Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Written by Kaye Rue

I am a novice quilter, I was almost ready to give up quilting, even though I enjoyed it so much, because I was becoming so annoyed with myself. It seemed every 2nd cut I made on my fabric was crooked, because I couldn't keeprepparttar ruler perfectly still. One day recently, my husband was sitting across from me whilst I attempted to make a cut on a piece of expensive fabric. I'd only purchased just enough for what I was doing. The ruler slipped, again. Seeing my expression, and being thoughtful, he asked me that fateful question "Surely there's something you can buy to keeprepparttar 138143 ruler from slipping?". When I told him

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