An easy way to build traffic

Written by Jerks.Com

Inrepparttar old days ofrepparttar 128066 Internet (1995) people saidrepparttar 128067 phrase "build it and they will come"

This has changed however.. with more and more sites onrepparttar 128068 net you have to do something that will attract people. I have found some things that have worked.

Look at allrepparttar 128069 largest sites onrepparttar 128070 Internet. Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, and Jayde you will see something very similar with them. There is hardly any advanced graphics or Javascripts on these sites. It is very straight forward with simple text based menu with simple compressed graphics.

I will use Yahoo as a example. It isrepparttar 128071 Largest site onrepparttar 128072 Internet in terms of traffic. The site layout is VERY straightforward with no moving graphics or Javascript. This is something that people should note when designing a site. GRAPHICS TAKE TIME TO DOWNLOAD!

When I visit a graphic intensive site I might takerepparttar 128073 time to wait untilrepparttar 128074 download is complete ifrepparttar 128075 graphics are really cool... but trust me..repparttar 128076 second time I go torepparttar 128077 site (if there would be a second time) I will hit that stop button faster than you can say "long download"

Ten Places You Must Submit Your Site

Written by Jim Daniels

(Seven still-free listings and three worth paying for.)

This tutorial will not promise you a top search engine position. It will also not reveal how to get your site into thousands of search engines.

Instead, you will discoverrepparttar exact locations where you can submit your website for free andrepparttar 128065 few "paid submissions" that are actually worthrepparttar 128066 price.

Yes, there ARE still places where you can submit your website for free. There are actually seven extremely busy search engines that have not (not yet anyway) migrated to requiring payment for listings.

Here's a listing of these engines along withrepparttar 128067 URLs where you can add your site(s) for free:

1. Lycos Add URL:

2. Google Add URL:

3. HotBot Add URL:

4. Northern Light Add URL:

5. DMOZ - The Open Directory Project Add URL:

6. Direct Hit - An Ask Jeeves Service Add URL:

7. Fast - (Formerly "Allrepparttar 128068 Web")

Those seven search engines above have been responsible for sending literally thousands of visitors to my website overrepparttar 128069 past year. And they will send thousands more. And perhapsrepparttar 128070 best part is that I didn't have to pay them a dime.

But that's not to say that paying for a listing in a search engine is a bad thing. Sure, lots of "purists" have been bashingrepparttar 128071 search engines' move to charging for listings. But let's face it, they are in business to make money too. And advertising revenue is not what it used to be for many of these companies. Their CPM (cost per 1000 banner impressions) rate has dropped significantly and they need other revenue sources. So why not charge businesses for a listing?

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