An alternative to Ebay

Written by R.P. van der Meij

People buy and sell onrepparttar net. It is better than advertising in a newspaper or spreadingrepparttar 117043 word that you are selling something. But sometimes you just want to sell your stuff for a price and thats it. And you dont want to fill out endless forms with useless info about everything you do and so on. Than join a community pay fees for listing, seller fees and all other hidden fees you missed. Wouldn't you like to find a simple way of advertising your stuff ? You know, place an article, set a price and confirm your ad and be done with it. Just one simple flat fee for everything. And advertise for a long period for a low price. Is it possible? Or is it a dream? The answer is YES you can! Where? Find a new and different way of selling on is a proven concept from Europe on sellingrepparttar 117044 easy way onrepparttar 117045 net. Let me tell you something about this concept. First you choose your catagorie where you want to place your ad. Simple ! Select your state and county where you live. And then place your ad. Confirm your ad, and you are done. You don't have to register to sell or to buy. Ifrepparttar 117046 item that you are selling is less than $200 you can place it for FREE. Your ad is shown for a minimum of 30 days. When you are selling something for more than $200 you pay $7.50. Thats it! No fee for listing, no fee when it is sold, nothing. How does that relate to other (auction) sites ?


Written by Kevin Purfield

People who sell information are still very unfamiliar withrepparttar profitable marketing advantage online newsletters can actually be to their business. In fact, most of these people will avoid them completely simply because they don't understand them; even though newsletters carry an air of prestige about them.

Most of us are already familiar with what a newsletter is. Almost every church, organization, club or group publishes their own newsletter for their particular members. Then, there are corporate newsletters that are distributed byrepparttar 117042 larger companies. In this case, newsletters are normally given to employees to keep them in touch with management activities and new policies and procedures.

There are also some national newsletters. These are normally targeted to a specific group of people like business managers and corporate executives. There is a BIG difference between newspapers and newsletters.

Newspapers normally containrepparttar 117043 "whole" story, while newsletters only presentrepparttar 117044 "cream ofrepparttar 117045 crop," orrepparttar 117046 "best ofrepparttar 117047 best" in a condensed format. In addition, newsletters are short, while newspapers are long. If you receive a company newsletter, you can read every single word in less than 20 minutes. But do you know anyone that reads every single word of a newspaper? Don't most people just flip throughrepparttar 117048 pages and only read what is interesting to them?

Online newsletters are intended for a specific target market. Look at some of repparttar 117049 examples we have cited previously. Club newsletters are published for its members, just like church newsletters are published for their congregation. You never find a Baptist Church taking out a 12-month subscription for a Catholic newsletter. And you never seerepparttar 117050 Accountants subscribing torepparttar 117051 Cake Baking monthly newsletter. Newsletters are intended for a specific target market.

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